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Loss FA Cup 4th Round: Manchester City 1 - 0 Arsenal | Friday 27th, January | KO: 20:00 GMT | ITV

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Play the kids and bin this. Don't show our hand until we play them Feb 15th.




Man city 2-1 Arsenal
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I think it’s quite a useful learning point because I’ve no doubt internally they’re saying that they’d like to rotate players but they can’t because there simply isn’t the quality on the bench and you can’t get soundly beat with a B team cos that impacts momentum.

They’ll be saying “we need to invest so that next year we can comfortably rotate and be competitive in both competitions “

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This was the team when the home game came around 4 months later, little did we know but the starting 11 was starting to take shape nicely. We lost that game 2-1 but the performance was very encouraging.


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Difficult. I would have a blend.



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Go all in against them. Beat them and we are the strongest team left in the cup, so another good chance for a title. PL will be still very difficult, so we are not in the position to throw away possible titles.

So let’s just say… you could have a 70% chance to win the PL by dropping out of the FA cup vs having a 40% chance to get PL title and the FA cup too… which would you pick?


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If we have to compete fine. Understand getting battered does us no good. But please protect Partey. He gets injured and we are truly done.

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No but for psychological purposes you can’t get hammered by your title challengers.


I reckon City will turn up with something like this:

I like this line up although if possible, I wouldn't play Saka

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I can’t tell if you’re joking or not…
I'm not. We have Lokonga. He is being paid, he is not being sold or sent out on loan. Far as I am aware Arsenal is not a charity. We need to protect our most important midfielder and not play him in this game, first choice replacement is injured leaving Lokonga - the second possible replacement - as the only available option. Play him. There's a huge chance he'll sink but if he swims it might be the making of him.
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