FA Cup: Third Round| Arsenal vs Leeds United | Monday 6th January | KO: 19:56 | BBC One

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In this age, VAR disallows this for offside. And there would be no victorious homecoming.

And this is why the "V" in "VAR", stands for Virgin...anything/anyone tried to disallow this goal, they are catching some hands!

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While i think rest for some players is important, I hope we don't underestimate Leeds. I want to do well in the FA cup.

I will be surprised if Leeds don't play mainly their 2nd team. They are in a very good position to get promoted from the Championship which is a huge priority for them.

They will probably do what Nottingham Forest did when they came to the Emirates earlier this season and rest all their big shots.


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Totally agree

Rest everyone who can be. We should still beat them


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We need some experience in there. I'd have Sokratis, Xhaka and Auba all starting.



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Eddie should he going back out on loan unless Arteta wants to do something with him.

Martinelli will probably return for this. I hope Nelson will play but from the left rather than the right. Hes not super fast nor a crossing winger so for once I want to see him cut in and shoot, his shooting is something he should lean on.

I would LOVE to see John-Jules get a rare game, hes earned an opportunity and arguably should also be considered for a loan this January. I hope ESR gets considered aswell, and Willock.
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John Jules
Martinelli Smith-Rowe
Willock Douzi Ceballos
Saka Holding Mustafi/Mavro Bellerin

Maybe Nelson in for Jules
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