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FAN TV - new live football talk show

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Hi there,

I thought it was worth sending you all a quick note on a new live football talk show we are doing on Sky.

The back bone of this exciting new show is fans discussing football and creating lively debate "Talksport on TV” if you like.
This fast paced 5 nights a week LIVE show will be the only appointment to celebrate football from a supporter's perspective, with conversation and terrace tales you won’t find anywhere else on TV.
The transfers, the referee’s decisions, the tables and discussions of the weekend's fixtures, the cult heroes and the terrible tailbacks on the M1. The transfer tittle-tattle and banter to focus on and what it really means to be a fan.

A modern day talk sport and fully interactive. This show is not just phone-in, hear the opinion of the couch pundits aka “The Real Fans” Broadcasting on TV, Mobile and on the web and streaming live through FanTV’s facebook and Twitter page along with our media partners all contributing towards building the FanTV cult community.

At this stage we would like to gauge your interest in potentially coming on the show. We are currently looking for guests/Fans and also potential segment presenter slots.
Please don’t hesitate to drop me an email on assel@lsptv.com and I’ll arrange for you to have a chat with one of our Exec Producers or MD.


Assel Akhsambiyeva
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