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FC Barcelona: Mess Que Un Club


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Kids don't know about Pep's Barca vs Mourinho's Real. For two years this was straight up war, started prior when Jose was Inter manager. Best part was the sheer amount of Clasico's that took place.
Yeah, were amazing games. Probably the two best teams from the last decade (and the dirtiest).

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[El Mundo] The justification of the former presidents and former directors of Barça for the 'Negreira case'

''We paid in self-defense because the referees helped Real Madrid". Former officials ask for explanations and are answered: ''We hid it from you to protect you''.

Who's giving these lot legal advice, a 6 year old child? :lol: :lol:

They're in so much trouble.


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Doesn’t matter what they do so there’s nothing to see here. They play by their own rules, never any consequences.

They’ll be back in the CL as Spanish champions next season, with a world class squad.


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