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Discussion in 'Football Games (FIFA, FM, FPL, etc.)' started by James, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. Lord Dula

    Lord Dula New Member Elite

    his bird's hastily setting it up as we speak
  2. outlaw_member

    outlaw_member New Member

    Does anyone do Custom Tactics and how important is it when the matches are tight? I've also noticed that everyone I face now has their own custom freekicks and corners. Lastly, every guy online has the updates which I don't have, so those ****ers almost always beat me as a result. So frustrating...
  3. outlaw_member

    outlaw_member New Member

    This online mode is so ****. You've got guys with live updates but I can't update my own game because I don't have enough points. On top of that, Fifa completely overrate players in form. For gods sake, van Persie is better than Drogba in every area (including stength) and Chelsea has an attack of 92. ****ing ridiculous.
  4. Lord Dula

    Lord Dula New Member Elite

    just buy the update
  5. outlaw_member

    outlaw_member New Member

    I scored from the half way line with Maicon. That guy is quite possibly the best player in the game.
  6. outlaw_member

    outlaw_member New Member

    Gerrard's shooting is insane. I've scored many half-way line goals for fun with him.
  7. Ron Burgundy

    Ron Burgundy New Member Elite

    What console are all you lads playing on? And what difficulty?

    I've got it on PC... it's decent, but certainly not as good as the console versions.
  8. Unless you pay for live updates you will just play other players that also dont have updates so I would not worry too much.
  9. gunnerGH

    gunnerGH New Member

    My Career Mode so far:

    Season 1: Sacked as Arsenal Manager after finishing 4th
    Season 2: Finished 2nd in the Irish Prem with Drogheda
    Season 3: Turned down an extension with Drogheda and joined Gangwon FC in the K league where im currently midtable 7 games gone

    (its tough with manual shooting) :p
  10. N!

    N! New Member

    Has anyone had any trouble with the debt glitch in manager mode?

    Whenever i change teams i get a budget deficit of over £2bn.
  11. invisibleman18

    invisibleman18 New Member Elite

    I love some of the commentary. My brother is a Manc so of course our games are always Arsenal-United. Last night I was running down the left with Nasri and played a 1-2 with Arshavin. Arshavin has his back to goal just inside the corner of the area and as he makes the layoff Martin Tyler goes "ANDREEEEEY ARSHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAVIIIIIINNNNNNN!" Seems to say it every time he gets a touch in the box. My brother went down in hysterics as he was nowhere near the goal so I scored from the resulting cross.

    The other good one is every time Michael Owen gets the ball near the goal. "OWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNNNNNNN"
  12. Armor for Sleep

    Armor for Sleep New Member Elite

    DIMITAR BERBATOV!!! That one always gets said.
  13. invisibleman18

    invisibleman18 New Member Elite

    I find that I rarely get to finish an online game. Have only just started playing Fifa 10 online in the last week (due to living away from home and the PS3 living here as it's my brother's - I've been back for a week over New Year). I was fairly decent at Fifa 09, but having not played this online before my rating of course started at 0 so I get put up against weak players with similar low ratings. Get the odd good game I guess against players who have also only just updated from 09, but most of the time the opponent is awful and I get 3 goals up then they quit. Very annoying.

    Had 1 guy the other day, I got 4-1 up and then he passed back from the kickoff and scored a deliberate own goal 3 times in a row before quitting. I suppose he was trying to get me to quit.
  14. ricky1985

    ricky1985 Active Member Elite

    I think it's fair to say Fifa has grown on most people after getting universally sluaghtered by virtually everyone.
  15. Lord Dula

    Lord Dula New Member Elite

    this maaaa game again, mmmmmaaaaaaaahigh gaaaaaaaaaaymaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh
  16. ricky1985

    ricky1985 Active Member Elite

    Until the next time you lose three on the trot. :lol:
  17. Lord Dula

    Lord Dula New Member Elite

    tricks aiant no beating me when i focus - even when i adapt me game for daimler tiiiiiime!
  18. outlaw_member

    outlaw_member New Member

    If anyone questioned the veracity of my Maicon half way line goal, you can ask Ricky who beared witness to yet another half way line goal I've scored with Gerrard. In saying that, Ricky replied with his very own half way line goal with Rooney.
  19. Rocafella

    Rocafella New Member

    outlaw, what's your GT? need to see how you fare against me on this years game :wink:
  20. outlaw_member

    outlaw_member New Member

    You are the only guy on this site who was unequivocally better than me on the last edition. :x

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