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  1. Hunta

    Hunta Shivering Right Now Trusted

    Baffles me how Silva is rated higher than Mata and Özil and how Rooney is rated higher than 85.
  2. MDGoonah41

    MDGoonah41 New Member

    mario gomez rated ahead of cesc, bhaha

    also, bale one spot ahead of Özil
  3. MDGoonah41

    MDGoonah41 New Member

    one good thing EA has done is add 9 different formations to ultimate team to allow for more creativity in setting up squads.

    the biggest gripe i had last year was the 4-2-3-1 required 2 CAMs instead of being able to use a LM and RM. that's been remedied.

    <a class="postlink" href="http://www.clickonline.com/games/nine-formations-added-to-fifa-14-ultimate-team/19804/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;">http://www.clickonline.com/games/nine-f ... eam/19804/</a>
  4. jinjin5000

    jinjin5000 New Member

    <a class="postlink" href="http://fut14.fifanow.com/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;">http://fut14.fifanow.com/</a>

    Santi Cazorla 85
    Jack Wilshere 82
    Mikel Arteta 82
    Laurent Koscielny
    Thomas Vermaelen
    Tomáš Rosický 80
    Wojciech Szcz?sny
    Olivier Giroud 80
    Bacary Sagna 80
    Per Mertesacker 80
    Gervinho 80
    Lukas Podolski 80
    Theo Walcott 80
    Kieran Gibbs 78
    Monreal 78
    Abou Diaby 77
    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain 77
    Aaron Ramsey 77
    Nicklas Bendtner 76
    Lukasz Fabianski 76

    Apparently, many of the players on Arsenal did really terrible so they all stayed same or got downgraded. Especially walcott.

    Meanwhile, silva is 88 and Vidic is 87
  5. spartandre217

    spartandre217 Well-Known Member

    Silva is 88... and Theo at 80 after scoring 21 last season.. You whut mate?
  6. thedon5

    thedon5 New Member

    BFG same as Gervinho :shock: .

    I hope that's rubbish but knowing EA it's probably true if not lower.
  7. CurryFlavoured

    CurryFlavoured Well-Known Member

    Meanwhile on PES Arsenal players are way overrated. Vermaelen is better than Koscielny and way better than Mertesacker, Arteta is on 90 when played CM, Rosicky is on 86, Shezzy is on 87, Chamberlains on 86 and Jenkinsons on 82.
  8. yousif_arsenal

    yousif_arsenal King of Twitter Rumours Moderator

    Why Walcott rated 80? he had great last season.
  9. Hunta

    Hunta Shivering Right Now Trusted

    Getting the ps4 so might as well wait for Fifa 14, anyone know when it's out and if you can pre-order the one were you get premium UT packs?
  10. Enoch

    Enoch Guest

    24 September in North America and 27 September for the rest of the world.

    When you pre-order it you receive 24 FIFA Ultimate Team Premium Gold Packs and Celebration Bundle. I don't know if that's just North America or for everyone.
  11. Vinci

    Vinci The Sultan of Unai

    Antonio Valencia is rated 83 and Walcott 81? :lol:

    Also, Giroud, Gibbs and Ramsey all have the same rating as a year earlier.

    I'm not buying the game, anyway. The games are too ****, full of bugs and the same old to spend 60 euros on.
  12. Pires7_Legend

    Pires7_Legend New Member

  13. Jbruin

    Jbruin New Member

    Theo and Poldi's rating going down is one of the most nonsensical things I've ever seen, both had good seasons last year as wide players, Poldi had 16 goals and 11 assists from the LW last season including some time off with injury and Walcott was ridiculously good last season, 20+ goals, double figure assists. It's just beyond ******** exactly how badly EA have ****ed our ratings up, Benoit Assou Ekotto is rated higher than Monreal and Gibbs... Just think about that for a second... Let it sink in... A human being actually got paid to think that up.

    Despite saying this I'm obviously gonna buy it, purely because there is no other football game out there to buy other than Football Manager. I'm hoping improved game play will make me forget about the stupid rating. Probably gonna buy it on the 360 to get a feel for it due to getting a free copy with my pre-ordered Xbox One, also all your stats/Ultimate Team/career mode etc. get's carried over from 360>One so no need to start from scratch with your new console.
  14. spartandre217

    spartandre217 Well-Known Member

    It really is obscene.. I'm guessing the scouser muppets responsible for this game think this is a good joke and revenge for us upstaging em the past 7/8 seasons.

    Santi had a massively better season than any CAM in the league and is only 85.

    Podolski double digits from the wing qnd is dropped down despite having one of his best seasons ever.

    Theo had 21 goals and 14! Assists i mean.. come on EA.. get your crap in gear.

    You can bet theyll overrate the lads up north though
  15. Hunta

    Hunta Shivering Right Now Trusted

    Refuse to believe Theo is rated that, he should be 84 at least, he's the best wide man in the prem.
  16. thedon5

    thedon5 New Member

    These are the full ratings.

    Walcott 81
    Giroud 80
    Podolski 80
    Oxlade-Chamberlain 77
    Bendtner 75
    Miyaichi 71
    Park 70
    Gnabry 67
    Sanogo 65
    Afobe 65
    Akpom 59
    Gervinho 79
    Özil 87
    Cazorla 85
    Wilshere 82
    Arteta 82
    Rosicky 80
    Ramsey 77
    Diaby 77
    Flamini 77
    Frimpong 68
    Yennaris 62
    Toral 54
    Koscielny 81
    Vermaelen 81
    Sagna 80
    Mertesacker 80
    Gibbs 78
    Monreal 77
    Jenkinson 71
    Bellerin 56
    Szczesny 79
    Viviano 78
    Fabianski 76
    Martinez 62

    Meanwhile Young is 82, Valencia is 83, Ferdinand is 83, Torres is 82, Lennon is 80, Skrtel is 81, Adebayor is 80, Silva is 88 and Lucas is 81.
  17. Hunta

    Hunta Shivering Right Now Trusted

    Vermaelen rated higher than Mertesacker? DO THEY WATCH MATCHES?

  18. entropy13

    entropy13 New Member

    Because of how the overall rating is calculated I would not consider a 1pt difference significant at all.

    Shouldn't the bigger issue be is that Walcott is still roughly 'at the same level' as Lennon (81 v. 80)? And that Ferdinand is still considered better than any of our CBs (83 v. 81/80)?
  19. WengerFaithful

    WengerFaithful New Member

    Torres down 3 (Good Adjustment) but Poldolski down 3 and Walcott to remain the same and only Cazorola going up by 1 is terrible adjustments by EA.
  20. Dokaka

    Dokaka AM's resident Hammer

    The demo is out for 360 and PS3.

    Other than players feeling a bit heavier, the differences are minimal. You can knuckle ball free kicks down, and you don't have to hold down LT/L2 to perform tricks.

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