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Just tried PC demo and... well... from the first 3 games it seems that there are even less changes than Fifa12 -> Fifa13 which was already minimal.


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Haven't bought Fifa since 2010 I've been on Football Manager but it looks like I will get this one just to take a break from FM. My recommendation is that don't buy the every year cycle (Call of Duty, Sports Games etc). Its hard but try to hold out and wait couple of year or more.


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What are the improvements in PS4 over PS3? Was going to pre order fifa 14 on the ps3 but might wait if ps4 is worth getting. How much will ps4 cost in the uk?

When playing fifa I just stick to online vs mates, seasons mode or good old fashioned 1v1 face to face. What are ultimate team and the other modes in fifa?


I'm holding out a year on getting a PS4 so they have time to sort out the kinks that will surely be present at launch. That way I don't have to make a decision on which version of fifa to buy either. I figure I'll get the new system around this time next year, and then get the next gen version of fifa 15 at that point.

From what I've played of the demo, the PS3 version of fifa 14 feels quite a lot nicer to play than fifa 13. Scrape some other games together for trade in and I think it will be worth it.


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Experiencing all kinds of bugs in manager mode in FIFA 14. For example, the menus seem super laggy to me, especially the team management windows and making squad changes. Also, Giroud has somehow magically disappeared from my team management window. I know he's still in the squad because he comes up in the "sell players" list and even has a "do not listen to offers" beside his name so I know he's still at the club. But for some reason, he doesn't show up in the team management list in the First 11, subs or reserves. I don't get it!

Also not a big fan of the new transfer system. I know they're trying to reduce the reliance on Overall scores, which is a noble idea in theory. But the idea that you have almost no info on a player until you fully scout them is crazy. It would be more realistic if they gave you a range of the player's potential ability (e.g., OVR = 70-80) and then scouting the player would make that more accurate (e.g., OVR = 78). It just adds too many steps in the process that seems to slow the transfer window down too much for my liking.


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Not so different from Fifa 13 then. The number of bugs in manager mode was insane, freezing at random times and not being able to get past a certain date, no matter what you do.

Do players still lose all ability once they hit the 30 barrier and do young players still grow insanely? I hate that in Fifa 13 and gives you an unbeatable team after a few seasons which ruins most of the fun.

If they fixed those issues I would consider buying the game, but apparently it's still the same old.


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The Arsenal player ratings just gave me another reason not to get 14, they are a joke.

Walcott downgraded after his best season
Vermaelen better than Mertesacker...
Koscienly is only 81 IIRC
Ramsey is only 78, should be an 80 after the 2nd half of last season and beginning of this

There was also huge mistakes for other teams too.


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Agree with ratings when Ashley Young rating is 82 and Walcott is just 81 after scoring 20+ goals last season tells you something wrong with EA.


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This game gives me an impression that there was minimum effort involved in making this game. Many reused assets, gameplay is almost the same, graphics almost the same, I haven't noticed anything significant to be added at all. Very dissapointed.


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Yep, rightly they haven't added much, this generation is secondary now. Wait for the next-gen version.

Though I don't think there'll be any miracles with that one either, will probably be better but still not a huge change.


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ea makes all their money off ultimate team at this point, im amazed they even bothered to upgrade manager mode


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Just played my first game of FIFA 14 on PS4 yesterday.

The realism and presentation is insane. To give you an idea, I played a game Arsenal vs Tottenham at the Emirates. I was losing 3-0, and after they scored the third goal the crowd started singing 'When the Sp**s go marching in'. I never though I'd say this, but that chant was a thing of beauty. The animations are as expected amazing and really improve the gameplay, other than that it is far better than previous gen.

It would be more realistic though if Soldado hadn't scored two goals from open play...