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  1. BobP

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    I'll take this as a general FIFA thread because I have nowhere else to post this.

    IMO, the most OP player on FIFA from 09 until 11 was John Carew, without an absolute shadow of a doubt. I'd even go as far to say that he would rank as one of the most OP players in FIFA history.

    Guy bludgeoned defenses into submission.

    Had absolutely everything, tall, strong, quick, powerful shot, powerful header, great finishing.

    I remember getting Xbox live when FIFA 11 came out and absolutely abusing life out of this guy when using Villa.

    Got a little emotional when he retired after FIFA 12.
  2. 4R5Emaniac

    4R5Emaniac Always fresh from Bangladesh

    @AVENTUS and @razörist

    I'm honestly tempted to get one of them consoles or a better PC.

    AVENTUS Well-Known Member

    I always buy the new Fifa without hesitation hoping they up their game in career mode.

    Stadium expansions, scouting, ect
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  4. 4R5Emaniac

    4R5Emaniac Always fresh from Bangladesh

    Me too!:bounce:And fix the coding which is incredibly infuriating.
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  5. Vistula

    Vistula Active Member

    Correct me if I'm wrong but did I hear a bloody Mourinho in that trailer?
    They should have picked Le Professeur to do the talking, it would sound so much better. You ****ed up EA. Anyway hyped to play this.
  6. krackpot

    krackpot Established Member

    damn...welbeck in the trailer

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