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  1. OnlyOne

    OnlyOne Vinai Venkatesham Stan Trusted

    So I basically make this every year since I love, well loved Fifa titles, anyway the first Fifa 19 trailer dropped featuring the Champions League.

    So, honestly, Fifa 18 was the worst Fifa I have played to date. Everything from Online, career mode and pro clubs was terrible, the scripting online was pathetic and way more noticeable, most games finished like 9-7 or something daft. I used to put HOURS into pro clubs, was so so bad this year.

    Anyway it'll probably be **** again but I have high hopes for Fifa 19 if they made some decent changes. What do you guys think it'll be like?
  2. Flying Okapis

    Flying Okapis Most Well-Known Member

    Fifa 18 as a whole weren't that bad in my opinion, I think people tend to go 'OTT' with how bad it really is.

    Fifa 19 I just hope is similar gameplay to the WC mode they released. FUT obviously will get all the attention again and they need to make some changes as its quite dull these days.

    My personal hope is they make the game less exploitable, in my opinion most of the issues with Fifa lies with the win at all costs community, so many try hards!
  3. Batman

    Batman Bruce Wayne

    19 looks to be the biggest update in years. There's even a kit editor so for career modes and such you can change kit maker and sponsor apparently. Really cool stuff.
  4. Flying Okapis

    Flying Okapis Most Well-Known Member

    This is news to me, but a good edition!

    Any other significant updates?
  5. Batman

    Batman Bruce Wayne

    Shooting has been revamped supposedly so the low driven shot will be much harder to execute consistently and in general it is much more timing based. So good timing=good contact=good result and the opposite for bad timing. Also they're adding more custom player animations. So in FIFA 18 CR7, Sterling and Ronaldinho all did their own motion capture making them look and feel unique in their movements. They're doing more in this version with Neymar for sure getting his own animations and I would imagine other big names too. There are a few videos floating around on youtube as some people have gotten to play the game.
  6. Flying Okapis

    Flying Okapis Most Well-Known Member

    Oh.. is that it :lol:

    I swear they've done that with the shooting before, whenever they fix something they tend to make something else exploitable by mistake.

    The other problem with when they revamp something or introduce something new ie defending everyone cries and they change it back, getting the AI to defend for you shpuld be removed altogether.

    If their bragging about more player animations as a big feature than thats somewhat disappointing to hear as that should be a background update.
  7. Batman

    Batman Bruce Wayne

    I think there's quite a bit more, I'm just going on stuff I remember off the top of my head. We'll have to see whether it all equals to a big improvement or not. Oh and just having a deeper look sadly it seems the kit editor is not official. What I saw was a concept that looked really real. :oops:
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  8. Flying Okapis

    Flying Okapis Most Well-Known Member

    I imagine a kit editor will never happen due to licensing issues, especially removing sponsors and badges from the kits etc

    I hope 19 is a lot better than 18 gameplay wise, the community these days is full of helmets.

    I reckon they will go big for 20, I'll get 19 regardless as its really the main game I play all year, would be nice to skip a year tho..
  9. Batman

    Batman Bruce Wayne

    Yeah we'll see, I definitely won't play FUT as much next year as I just won't have the time but I hope the gameplay is improved as well. Yeah too many little kids and immature weirdos obsessed with dabbing and being obnoxious. I may end up playing the offline modes more since I won't have the time to build a really good squad in FUT.
  10. Flying Okapis

    Flying Okapis Most Well-Known Member

    I tend to spend on fifa points to give me a boost at the start however due to how the game is more than likely programmed to mess with your players I end up chopping and changing constantly and waste a load of coins on tax after they turn to ****e, I remember wasting about 50k buying and then selling 88 Shevchenko cos he was awful.

    I also seem to miss the SBC's that I later realise I would have liked.

    Im contemplating going full Arsenal squad with the legends BUT have I have also noticed that Messi in a CF or CAM role literally wins you games and is ridiculously fun to play with so also contemplating making a team around a CF Messi but obviously that requires 1m coins :(
  11. Batman

    Batman Bruce Wayne

    Yeah I've bought some FIFA points as well. I was finishing Gold or Elite most Weekend Leagues so coins were never really a problem and I had some decent pack luck as well so that helped. Messi is ok but I feel he's less effective than in past FIFAs. Other than CR7 the best and most effective gold IMO is Neymar. He's an absolute beast at CAM and he scored more goals and played more games than anyone for me this FIFA. I only have untradeable TOTS players left in my club now as I've migrated to WC mode. If you really want to build a team around Messi, you could just use his RW card and switch in game. Would be much cheaper and his in forms don't really play much different until you get to the TOTS and TOTY versions.
  12. Flying Okapis

    Flying Okapis Most Well-Known Member

    Im not one to do the ingame switch, I'm hopeful that will come with a chemistry punishment in 19 :lol:
  13. Batman

    Batman Bruce Wayne

    Lol I wouldn't bet on it.
  14. Flying Okapis

    Flying Okapis Most Well-Known Member

    I know lol, gold and elite is good though, I never bothered with weekend league this year, far too much fifa for me!

    I also pretty much sold up and have nothing but WC fut now, havent really played it for a few weeks, have they supported it well?
  15. Batman

    Batman Bruce Wayne

    WC mode or regular FUT? Everyone in WC FUT has nearly a full icon team now. They released repeatable ICON SBCs last week so with the high pack weight and amount of high rated duplicates everyone had it's easy to keep doing ICON SBCs until you get the ones you want. Then there are the nation SBCs where you get the highest rated player of a nation if you submit 11 players from that nation who are of the required rating and chem. So Messi and CR7 for example will be attainable to everyone who opens a lot of packs. As for regular FUT they've started releasing more SBCs based around the WC but I haven't done any of those and those players really can't compete with the TOTS players anyway.
  16. Flying Okapis

    Flying Okapis Most Well-Known Member

    Great so theyve killed WC mode for me as I've missed the whole lot being in Cyprus :lol:

    Back to h2h seasons I go then..
  17. Batman

    Batman Bruce Wayne

    Regular WC online is pretty fun. Maybe try that.
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  18. Flying Okapis

    Flying Okapis Most Well-Known Member

    Ah yes, good point!
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  19. Flying Okapis

    Flying Okapis Most Well-Known Member

    Anyone know whats going on with 'icons' this year, I'm already starting to ponder what I'm going to do in Fifa 19.

    FUT is such a time kill but I really want to go full Arsenal squad all year with old icons ie Henry, Pires etc, any ex Arsenal defenders included?
  20. Ricardinho

    Ricardinho La Liga Correspondent

    Big reveal tomorrow apparently. Will be interesting to see the outcome.

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