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Will the young guns play in the final if we get there? Will our strong team come out? I think it will be unfair if our seniors play as the young guns would had gone all the way.


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youngins would play i reckon.

although more first teamers may be in the squad eg ljungberg, bergkamp, kolo and gilberto.


Wenger was reported to have said "I will play a team that will win the game".

So dont be suprised if we got a good team in the final (if we reach the final) that wenger will put in some First team players.


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I dont think wenger will play the proper first team in any of the carling cup games, he uses the games as a trail and doesn't seem to care about the consequences.

Also the team against wba contained mainly first team squad players rather than the youth that we saw against rotheram. As he says it will depend on fixtures and injuries but I dont think he'll ever play people like henry, vieria, campbell, pires. I dont think its worth it with what else is at stake.


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Well, since we've got to the semi-finals we might as well try and win the bloody thing, which means playing a stronger team. Last night some of the players did wel, others - not so, but we also had a bit of luck - WBA missed some good chances and gifted us a second goal. So we won, but it wasn't easy like the Wolves game. If we get Spudz or Chelski (they have to go through first, currently losing 0-1 at Villa) we shold definitely field a team, predominantly consisting of regulars. I mean, last night it wasn't only "the kids" - we had quite a few experienced people in the side. The Cossacks and spudz have been fielding strong teams throughout the competition, so it's time we did that as well. After all, the prize is a trip to Cardiff and, regardless of it being the Carling Cup, a Final is still a Final. It was only a few years ago that people were still talking the League Cup seriously and everyone was well over the moon when we last won it back in 93 anyway.

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Its looks like us, Bolton, Spuds and Villa in the semis :shock: . I reckon he can play the ladies team and still win the cup! :evil:


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Personally i think we should go all out and win it now, but obviously keep some youngsters in there (Ali, Bentley, Clichy, etc).


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just remembered its 2 legs so i reckon we should go through no matter what team we put out. who knows if we are lose our away match 3-0 maybe henry might make an appearance at highbury :D


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I am hoping for Bolton.
Yes we will play our young gunners.
After all its only fair they got us there so let them finish off every team we go against onwards to final and WIN


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the team that plays in the semis will be similar to the team that played last night. It will include 3 or 4 youngsters

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