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for the final i'd mix first team with a few youngsters. (the really good youngsters) I'd go for a lineup like this...


Lauren Toure Cygan Clichy

Wiltord Parlour Edu Pires

Kanu Aliadiere

Bench: 1. Shabaan 2. Taviliridis 3. Gilberto 4. Ljungberg 5. Henry

it would be good to have freddie and titi ready to come on if we're in trouble, otherwise i have faith in the team out there. i don't know if taylor will still be injured by the time for the final, if he isn't i think he should play ahead of stack, and put stack on the bench but if he is still injured, stack should play and shabaan should be on the bench. basically a mixture of youngsters and our more experienced players.


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I don't think he will put that many "experienced" players out. Probably
Lauren Tavlaridis Cygan Clichy

Wiltord Parlour Edu Bentley

Kanu/Bergkamp and Aliadiere

Subs: Henry, Gilberto, Taylor/Shaaban, keown and someone else....
First leg at home I think. Play a similar team to last night in the first leg (Are Boro any better than West Brom anyway?) and bring the big boys out in the second leg if we need to
Boro are crap, but solid at the moment. 0-0 is their forte!

I think it was noticable the change in selection for this week. (Mainly) the first two matches were for the third team, but this week was the second team. I think thats the team we'll see for the rest to be honest, with one or two youngsters on the pitch, and a few on the bench.


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I think we should keep Stack and Ali in and maybe Clichy as well. Even if we do want to put our strongest team in if they were playing I would still feel confident. Eg. if we put Stack and Clichy with our other 3 first choice defenders, play our strongest midfield, and team Ali with Henry, our team will still be very strong. I think players like Bentley and Cesc don't quite make the grade yet.

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I think the team in the semifinals is very much up to other fixtures (EPL & FAC) as well as the injury situation....

This is how it looks:

18th Jan Aston Villa (A)

19th-23d Jan 1st semi against Boro

24th Jan 4th round of FAC

26th-31th Jan 2nd semi aginst Boro

1st feb ManCity (H)

If we're not in the FAC anymore (out against Leeds, is that possible??) we will have the strongest team available, if not it depends on what opposition we'll end up with on the 24th, maybe our youngsters could make their contribution in th FAC instead?

The EPL games (Villa and City) means Wenger needs strongest team on the pitch. This opens for the second string players and the youngsters...

Ths is my selection for the first semi:

Stack - it's because of him we're still in this cup!

Lauren - needs matchpractise when I can't see him dislodge Toure from RB
Stathis - The same as Stack, it's his tournament...
Keown - He is the backbone the team needs...
Clichy - watch out Ashley, someone is hunting for your place in the first XI

Wiltord - will get another chance but he doesn't deserve it...
Parlour - wasn't at his peak against WBA, must get back to his best...
Edu - wasn't at his peak against WBA, must get back to his best...
Jerome Thomas - This is his natural place, Bentley shouldn't play wide...

Kanu - wasn't at his peak against WBA, must get back to his best...
Ali - another chance to improve, needs to mature...

On the bench: Shabaan, Simek, Hoyte, Henry, Ljungberg, Pires

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