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Discussion in 'Football Games (FIFA, FM, FPL, etc.)' started by jay-d, May 31, 2008.

  1. Yeah, bet that guy has a hard time finding a match online.

    Been playing Ultimate Team for a little while and have a reasonable team although all my best players are either central midfielders or central defenders. I've got Hangeland, Pepe and Vidic in central defence and Juninho, Elano, Borowski, Seedorf and Rosicky as central/attacking midfielders.

    I've only got one striker whose a silver and good in the air but **** at everything else which means I have to play a 4-5-1.

    Also my team chemistry is pretty appalling, only 35.
  2. Rocafella

    Rocafella New Member

    I'm shocked. I just managed to bag Cristiano Ronaldo for 200 coins Buy It Now. He's maxed out to 99 and has 85 games on his contract. :shock:
  3. Shadow Moses

    Shadow Moses Well-Known Member

    That's criminal. I stopped searching for bargains since I got my full squad but that's just criminal
  4. nazo

    nazo New Member Elite

    so i caved in and got the pack. any tips?
  5. nazo

    nazo New Member Elite

    wait what? amazing deal. it's so slow moving through the pages looking for a certain bargain. how'd you do it

    the best i can get is samaras for 300 coins. anyone want to donate any good squad players they don't need :|
  6. Rocafella

    Rocafella New Member

    Funnily enough, I was just looking for cheap Nani's when I found him. I'm thinking of selling him. I'd make a killing.
  7. qs

    qs New Member Elite

    Wow! I missed out on Torres for 3400 the other by mere seconds.

    You can sell Ronaldo for 70k easy.

    My teams complete. And amazing. 8))
  8. qs

    qs New Member Elite

    Theres loads of teams like that. Training isn't too hard. I'm training my team at the minute.

    Currently my preffered line up is

    ................. Buffon 92.................

    Zambrotta 97... Chiellini 97.. Lergotaille 94... Molinaro 96

    Valdo 86....... Fabregas 90.... De La Red 88.... Silva 89

    ............Torres 89...... Villa 96..................

    Then I've a bench of

    Almunia 82

    Pernia 90
    Pique 91
    Cuellar 88
    Ramos 94

    Iniesta 88
    Xavi 90
    Baraja 87
    Cazorla 85
    Alonso 85
    Reira 87

    Tamudo 86
    Petric 94
    Eduardo 95
    Podolski 94
    Cacau 92

    Defenders are all pretty high cos I trained them earlier, Italians have been trained loads. Gonna train up passing and dribbling later, maybe some shooting. Should shoot all the Spanish mids and forwards up.

    100 chemistry. :mrgreen:

    Great game.

    Oh and if anyone has lots of coins I've a 94 Toure and a 92 Gomez for sale amongst others.
  9. Rocafella

    Rocafella New Member

    How do you train your players so high Qs?
  10. nazo

    nazo New Member Elite

    here's my latest bargain: horseface 86 i think with 32 contract for 1k. i don't know if it's a good deal or not but i'm selling him.

    how much would be a good price for him?
  11. Shadow Moses

    Shadow Moses Well-Known Member

    Buy any All Players training card(I bought about 5 for 2k each) and match the Head Coach with the same stats. Even if the card says minus pace training you can get a +3 on the pace for all players if you get the right Head Coach.

    I already trained all my players to above 90.

    Sagna, Henry, Gallas, Toure, Evra, Cordoba, Clichy and Zebina are all 99.

    Trez, Diaby, Cesc, Mexes, Nasri, Ribery, Abidal and a few other are 95+. It's pretty easy to lvel up once you know how to.
  12. qs

    qs New Member Elite

    Yep thats it. Its all about the coaches. I just switch through 4 or 5 coachs in a couple of hours when I go on a training spree. They're dirt cheap near the back of the listings, same as training cards and contract cards.

    I had a team half trained up and I sold loads of them for big money to get the expensive players like Torres, Villa, etc
  13. Shadow Moses

    Shadow Moses Well-Known Member

    Managed to get Villa for 10k. I upgraded him to 99 using about 2.5k coins then put him back up for 25k+. Talk about making a profit. :bounce
  14. qs

    qs New Member Elite

    I'm selling most of my Spanish at the moment. They're overrated. I've got 99 Villa, 99 Torres, 99 Iniesta and they're all still ****. Gonna keep Fab cos he's Fab, Xavi cos his off the ball movement is second to none and Silva cos I used a 4-4-2 card on him. Other than that I want a Frencher more Arsenalish team so it'll be a few of those Spanish, alot of french and then the likes of Ade and Kolo.

    And I got Arsène for manager and 4-4-2ed him.
  15. Shadow Moses

    Shadow Moses Well-Known Member

    Yup, the Spanish strikers are overrated. I don't know why everyone is fighting over both Villa & Torres. Try any two of Henry, Benzema or Trez. Henry and Benzema are unplayable at times.

    I got Kaka(4k), Ronaldo(20k), Messi(6k), Gerrard(5k) and Ronaldihno(5k). I' going make a killing selling them off. I put a 442 card on Ronaldo which makes him worth over 60k without even trying.
  16. qs

    qs New Member Elite

    I've Henry, Benzema and Trez. Trez scored a beautiful back heel for me earlier.

    Putting a 4-4-2 card on Ronaldos a waste. You'd get 50k for a fresh Ronaldo anyway and another 25-40 depending how long you left it up for the 4-4-2 card.

    I've started my new team now. So far I've Sanga, Clichy, Pires, Flamini, Diaby, Cygan :) , Fabregas, Henry, Almunia. Much happier playing with them. Alot stronger team than the Spanish lads.
  17. Shadow Moses

    Shadow Moses Well-Known Member

    Seems we have more or less the same team now. You just need to get Gallas, Toure or Delpierre (sp?) for 442 CB back up, Zebina for RB and Ribery for LM. After over 200 games I think I can safely say there isn't a better CM than a 99 Diaby. I score from every corner with him. Over 100 goals already from him.

    I might not even sell Ronaldo at the rate I'm abusing him online. The guy is such a cheat online. :lol:
  18. Shame we lost connection was a great game invisible man. I went to make subs and came back and connection was gone but i was still online . Must be the new zealand cables :p
  19. invisibleman18

    invisibleman18 New Member Elite


    Yeah it was a good game. Oh well, I'll get you next time. We are quite evenly matched. Good tough games every time. :)
  20. qs

    qs New Member Elite

    Got them guys now. Have a load of Arsenal guys past and present. Cygans a monster and I've not even trained him. Agree on Diaby, haven't started training him yet but he still wins more balls in the middle than any of the Spanish mids. Vieiras good at that too.

    Got Ade and some little small silver Togo striker too.

    Switching between Nasri and Walcott RM. Just couldn't be bothered with any of the 4-4-2 RMs or training Faubert. Want players I enjoy playing with. Thats mostly Arsenal players.

    Just gonna use 4-4-2 cards to keep the chemistry balanced. Have 90k in coins now plus 99 Torres and 99 Villa up for trade so I should have plenty of money for 4-4-2 cards despite their insane prices.

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