Folarin Balogun: 2020/21 Performances


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If he does sign, it makes our CF situation very interesting indeed.

Auba - Laca - Nketiah - John-Jules - Balogun (you can add Martinelli and make it 6 too). Looking beyond the two experienced heads and that's a hugely beefed up selection of young, promising forwards. Balogun's words after his debut really intrigued me - I'm paraphrasing but he basically said he deserved the opportunity :lol:. That's real confidence there.

There'll have to be some hard decisions on who to let go. Think Nketiah's the most vulnerable as he has the most specialised game in comparison to the others and lacks in areas that they excel, comparatively speaking. That said, I'd be really reluctant for him to go, just because he has the endeavour to be a top striker and has already improved his all-round game beyond what I believed him to be capable of when I first saw him. He'll prove in time he's not just a poacher and could end up making us eat our words should he leave. That said, I think Balogun's a slightly better talent and could usurp him through simply being more technically capable and matching Nketiah's drive.

John-Jules will have a tough time aswell. I think he's potentially the most complete of all the strikers but he's gonna be a bit of a slower burner IMO and he doesn't score as much as the others. He'll be a far better hold-up man than Laca for sure, and his all-round play is fantastic (can play as a #10 if needed).

Then there's Martinelli, the CF who wants to be a wide forward. I think he can conceivably make either role work, especially in Auba's modified LW role. He's a really clever and industrious talent IMO, and I think he's on his way to the top.

All this however is moot if Balogun doesn't sign after all. Have to say though, after this debut, I'm more positive than I was at the start of the year.

I think John Jules is probably the most complete, but I don't think he has that elite mentality to be at the top level. When he misses a chance you can see it effects him.

Nketiah has the mentality but has things in his game that he just won't develop. On the run he is weak. He struggles to dribble at the top level, he also needs a lot of touches to hold the ball up. Its never get it under, strength to hold off a man and then pop it off. Its similar to Lacazette, you can see he isn't comfortable doing it. He has good instincts and positioning and a good spring for his height, buthe lacks power in his shooting, lacks awareness and vision and he barely uses his left foot.

Balogun makes so many runs off the ball into the channels. He points and demands it as well. He looks like a nightmare to play against. Has good body shape in receiving on the half turn, and is strong enough to link play back to goal. Sees a pass as well. Strong mentality also, however what seems to separate him is his shooting and physicality. He has a strong left foot. It will be interesting to see if it translates to men's football.


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We would get 20m plus for Nketiah and Nelson. I'd be tempted to sell either or both.

Saka, Pepe, Laca, Auba, Nelson, Martinelli, Balogun, Nketiah, ESR, Willian, John Jules. Is a STACKED array of forward options.


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I'm not going to get carried away with Balogun though. I remember thinking Bendtner, Lupoli, Owusu Obeyi and Vela would have us ruling Europe.

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Seeing his youth football thread being moved to the main forum when I had already created this one for him here.


Yeah when I saw the other thread I was thinking to myself there already was one, disgusting imo. 1v1 in rust the only way to sort it out like men.


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Yeah when I saw the other thread I was thinking to myself there already was one, disgusting imo. 1v1 in rust the only way to sort it out like men.
Rust 1v1 with the squad spectating.

Heart pounding, pride on the line. Nothing quite like it. :lol:

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