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    Agreed - strip down the game play & perhaps I'll actually settle into a game sooner........as it is I keep changing formations & tactics WAAAAY too often to really get into it...... :roll:
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    Just started a game unemployed and took over Hyde in BSN. Lost first game 3-4 against King's Lynn.
  3. qs

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    Pushing that slider up another 11th makes **** all difference really though. I mean basically your more or less picking between 5 things at any one time. So either your very defensive, a bit defensive, mixed, attacking or very attack for instance. So it either of the extremes, mixed or half way between mixed and extreme.

    I can understand your view that its not for the casual player though. It really isn't. It requires **** loads of time and attention to play.
  4. fabo

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    Bit of an odd question here - I don't really play FM or many computer games for that matter, but a friend brought it up to the house and I tried it on my computer and got a WARNING saying it had failed to load the graphics...:shock:

    Thought my comp was fairly up to date but has anyone else had similar problems? Anything I can download to help run the game?
  5. entropy13

    entropy13 New Member

    Possible scenarios:
    1. Your PC have Intel Integrated Graphics
    2. Your PC have a separate GPU that is quite weak
    3. Something wrong happened during installation
  6. fabo

    fabo 6.51 / 10

    All seemed fine during installation but once it downloaded and I double clicked the FM icon on my desktop the 'graphics failure' thingie came up.

    Just checked the minimum spec required on the FM box and am downloading stuff here...:lol:...not sure what's needed but trial and error and all that. I work on computers every day but am useless with anything technical.
  7. Stevo the Villan

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    Well that's kind of my point. If there's no difference in moving the slider an 11th, then what's the point in having it?

    The tactical intricacy needed in FM09 is amazing, and makes it thoroughly entertaining. But it also makes it very hard work, and because of that I think it loses some longevity.
  8. Loylz

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    Does anyone here know how to unban someone from your OWN server while playing with a mate online. I accidentally clicked ban on him and don't know how to undo it.

    DREVAK New Member

    I know I already said I quit the game and started it again only to quit again... and start over again and so on and so forth. But I got back to it again a while back. Playing a match or two, buying and selling players, being friends with Mourinho and Laudrup, you get the idea. And now I look and see it has been eight years.

    It's June 2016 and Cardiff have won their second Premier League title. Those promising youngsters I signed in my first years in charge are now almost thirty. Spanish playmaker Daniel Parejo, Italians Vincenzo Fiorillo and Alberto Paloschi, a goalkeeper and a striker respectively, and an Argentinian winger Eduardo Salvio have seen all the highs and lows – well mostly highs really! – of my tenure as the Cardiff manager.

    I have never got so far on any FM game in the past. It wasn't always fun and I didn't touch the game for long periods of time, but I suppose something must have tempted me to come back to it and stay for so long. Anyway I'm getting carried away by Football Manager nostalgia. It's time for some cold, hard facts instead.

    Arsenal in 2016 are led by Unai Emery, Valencia manager in real life. He joined in 2014 after Wenger resigned but was unable to continue the five year run of league titles brought by the Frenchman. In fact since Emery took over Arsenal have only won the League Cup and were defeated in the Champions League final by Cardiff. However it's still early days for Emery and it won't be easy to build on Wenger's awesome success – three FA Cups, two League Cups and two Champions League trophies in addition to the five league titles.

    Manchester United are managed by Mark Hughes in 2016. He replaced Mark Bowen in January after the Welshman managed to do absolutely nothing with United for one and a half season. His predecessor, Luciano Spaletti, didn't fare much better, only managing to reach the CL final but losing to Arsenal in his only season in charge. He took over from Rijkaard who replaced Ferguson after his retirement in 2011. Rijkaard won the Europa League in his first year but then it all went downhill.

    None of Ferguson's successors emulated his success as the Scotsman brought the league title to Manchester in 2009, finished second the next season and fourth in the following. 2011/2012 was the first season which saw United drop out of the top four but they quickly bounced back in the coming seasons, but in the past two seasons they have dropped out of the top four again. Doesn't look good for the club captained by Carlos Tevez.

    Chelsea went through good times under Hiddink, even though they have dropped out of the top four in 2009/10. During his four years in charge he brought two League Cups, one FA Cup and one of both the Champions League and the Europa League to Stamford Bridge. Then Hughes took over but his reign was short lived and unsuccessful, finishing sixth in the league. Enter the Special One, Jose Mourinho returned to his former club in 2014... and finished eighth, ahem! But now he has managed to get back into the top four again so things might be looking good for Jose.

    Liverpool are worthy of mentioning not for their success – there was none in the eight years apart from a single League Cup triumph in 2010 – but for the loyalty they show to their managers. And their horrible league finishes too. Benitez left in early 2012. Marco van Basten replaced him and Liverpool were runners up in the Europa League in 2013, but poor old Marco didn't survive the winter and Huub Stevens took over on Christmas day. And was sacked a year later. Pim Verbeek became the new manager then. And was sacked a year later. Christoph Daum was hired, and, to the shock of everyone, wasn't sacked!

    I suppose by that time Liverpool have grown used to the awful results. 2009 was decent enough as they finished third, but a year later they dropped out of the top four, with progressively worse finishes every season afterwards. Culminating by an awful 12th place in 2015 and 14th spot last season. Uh oh!

    And finally Manchester City. They took the footballing world by storm with their oil money, winning the Europa League twice under Hughes and breaking into the top four in 2010. Following Hughes' sacking in 2012 Jose Mourinho took over and got two somewhat disappointing fifth placed finishes and won the FA Cup. It wasn't enough for the sheikhs as the ever charismatic Michael Laudrup replaced the sacked Portuguese and led City back into the top four and to another FA Cup and Europa League victory.

    City are an interesting team, very much resembling what a human player would buy given their transfer funds I'd imagine. With the likes of Keirrison, Zhirkov and Vela in attack, and Hamsik, Chygrynskyi and Srna in midfield and defence. Only the very best and most expensive for the boys in blue!
  10. entropy13

    entropy13 New Member

    Still playing this LOL


  11. Ron Burgundy

    Ron Burgundy New Member Elite

    You've won the league 16 times in a row?! :shock:
  12. entropy13

    entropy13 New Member

    Make it 17. :)

    Actually it's quite easy by 2014 since the "distribution" of "team strength" was on the extremes. You have the very strong teams like Man City, Reading, Chelsea and Tottenham and very weak teams like ManU (got relegated 3x already, they haven't bounced back immediately after relegation :lol: ), Swansea (their rise to the Prem was quick though), Blackburn, Middlesbrough and Portsmouth (checking through the "history", those three has spent most of 2009 to 2025 switching from Championship to Prem and back again). And then of course the promoted-to-the-Prem-and-then-down-again teams like Nott. Forest, Ipswich, Coventry, Crystal Palace.

    There really ain't that much "mid-table" teams anymore. Bolton, Fulham, West Ham and Aston Villa might be considered as such, but the first three have been relegated over that period already at least twice. In its strictest sense only Villa and West Brom are true top-half teams, the others are mostly a shuffle until you reach the relegation zone.

    Leeds and QPR are looking to join Villa and WBA as strong mid-table teams though, we'll see next season. Oh I forgot Pool, they're quite erratic, the usually undergo three phases, title challengers and ECC, EC, no European comp then just repeat lol

    Newcastle's looking to "crash" the Big 4 party as well of Arsenal, Reading, Man City and Tottenham. Prior to that it was Chelsea who does that. The top 6's quite consistent though, Arsenal, Reading, Newcastle, Chelsea, Man City and Tottenham. Sometimes becomes top 5, but more of an aberration than the actual pattern.

    Reading's being managed by Tony Adams, Chelsea by John Terry, Bolton by Steven Gerrard and Tottenham by Jurgen Klinsmann. Out of those I've mentioned it's quite obvious that the only one I have a good relationship with is Tony Adams.
  13. entropy13

    entropy13 New Member


    Biggest Stadium in the UK (excluding Wembley). I'm hoping there's room for expansion as well. Up to 80k perhaps?

    Chelsea had a new stadium 10 years prior as well (2018), ingeniously named Chelsea Stadium, 53k capacity if I recall correctly.

    Tony Adams got sacked from Reading. They only finished 7th (and qualified for EURO Cup), while West Brom, managed by Patrick Vieira, finished 6th. I gave away 6 points to both (those 4 games were my only losses during 27-28) but it was insufficient (for them to finish in the CL places). :lol:

    Vieira doesn't get sacked however, because they finished 16th prior to his arrival. In Tony's case he finished 3rd last season. He replaces Carles Puyol after the European Championship as England manager though, so he's quickly employed once more. France won the Euros, making them the most-time winners of the tournament (out of those 5 wins, 2 of them was under me - 2012 and 2016).

    Current progress? Well the oldest player in the first team isn't a real person anymore. Akinfeev has just retired so I made him GK Coach. Cesc is also a coach after being a Youth Coach for Reading and Man City (over two seasons). Everton never recovered after getting relegated from the Prem (in around 2016 I think?). Sunderland followed suit by 2021. They're both in League 1 now, although they spent more time in the Championship. Chesterfield was in the Prem. Ipswich and QPR are still sticking around, while Coventry and Crystal Palace didn't last. Wolves fizzled by 2020 and is back in the Championship after being in the top 7 for most of 2015-2020. Something similar happened to Cardiff in roughly the same time, but at least they're back in the Prem now.

    ManU's fall was Leeds' rise, although ManU's getting back almost immediately after relegation (although they've only bounced back immediately once in the 3x they were relegated). It should be noted however that during the time they were relegated for the third time, they finished 4th prior to that. After winning promotion they finished 7th. Then 14th. It's October now and they're 3rd. But I've won all 6 thus far to keep top spot. Newcastle's 2nd while Blackpool at 4th is quite a surprise. Although this is their 3rd season after getting promoted, and the first 2 seasons were 9th-place finishes.

    So the only teams in the Prem yet to be relegated were Arsenal, Aston Villa, Chelsea, Liverpool and Tottenham.

    For the early 10's the top teams were Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, ManU, ManC and Tottenham (one or the other of the latter two switch places with one of the "big 4" - except Arsenal - for a CL slot). Then Ferguson retired, and it became Arsenal, Cardiff, Liverpool, ManC, Reading, Tottenham and Wolves. When the 20s arrived it was Arsenal, Chelsea, ManC, Reading, Tottenham and West Brom. By 2024 Newcastle joined the "top clubs" so it's now Arsenal, Chelsea, ManC, Newcastle, Reading and Tottenham, with Liverpool and West Brom too.

    As of October 7, 2028, Rene Tekay has scored 225 league goals for Arsenal over 17 seasons with the club, although he only made 8 league appearances in the first 4 seasons and only scored once, so the 224 goals were scored over the last 13 seasons. He has made 395 appearances overall, so only counting the last 13 seasons (224 goals/387 apps) it's 0.58 goals per game. His best season in terms of goals per game was 2019-2020 where he scored 28 goals in 29 appearances. He's not as prolific in the international scene although 30 goals in 73 appearances is still quite good. So Robin van Persie (whom he replaced in both club and country) would still be record goalscorer for the Netherlands.

    Current players that are now managers (or former managers) in my game are:
    Didier Drogba (Le Havre), Ben Sahar (ManU), Patrick Vieira (West Brom), Steven Gerrard (formerly Bolton), Sol Campbell (formerly Wigan), John Terry (Chelsea), Raul Tamudo (Espanyol), Ricardo (Tottenham), Raul (Aston Villa), Jerome Rothen (Lyon), Philippe Mexes (Monaco), Mathieu Flamini (Istres), Ivica Olic (1860 Munich), Lee-Young Pyo (Dresden), Jens Lehmann (Hoffenheim), Sebastien Kehl (Leverkusen), Robert Huth (Wolfsburg), Fabio Cannavaro (AC Milan), Iker Casillas (Genoa), Maniche (Palermo), Daniele De Rossi (Ternana) etc.
  14. gunnerGH

    gunnerGH New Member

    haha nice updates there mate.

    Who is this Tekay lad got any screenshots? :D
  15. entropy13

    entropy13 New Member

    It's 2033 now in the game, and Tekay's about to retire after this season, won't be putting up a screenshot of his attributes since they've obviously gone down. He's 37 now.

    I have a screenshot of the squad in 2029 though:

    But some of those names have been sold or have retired already.

    Here's Rene Tekay's league stats:

    You can say that I really have a "knack" of getting goalscoring gems on the cheap. Tekay's "successor", the Brazilian Luis, was only bought for £170k. And his partner Matteo Germani, although a bit more expensive (£2.9m) is still arguably a great buy.
  16. entropy13

    entropy13 New Member

    Just a review of the league winners (it's Dec 11, 2035 in-game).

    Liga BBVA winners:
    Real Madrid (2009-2013, 2016, 2018, 2022-2025, 2027, 2029, 2031, 2033, 2035) - 16 times
    Barcelona (2014, 2017, 2020-2021, 2032, 2034) - 6 times
    Sevilla (2015) - 1 time
    Valencia (2019) - 1 time
    Valladolid (2026, 2028, 2030) - 3 times

    Serie A winners:
    Juventus (2009, 2015-2019, 2024, 2030) - 8 times
    AC Milan (2010, 2021-2022, 2025, 2027-2029, 2031-2035) - 12 times
    Inter Milan (2011, 2020, 2026) - 3 times
    Napoli (2012) - 1 time
    AS Roma (2013) - 1 time
    Fiorentina (2014, 2023) - 2 times

    Bundesliga winners:
    Werder Bremen (2009-2011, 2022) - 4 times
    FC Bayern (2012-2013, 2015, 2017, 2019-2021, 2025-2027, 2029, 2031-2034) - 15 times
    Hoffenheim (2014, 2016, 2018, 2023, 2030) - 5 times
    Leverkusen (2024) - 1 time
    Wolfsburg (2028) - 1 time
    Stuttgart (2035) - 1 time

    Ligue 1 winners:
    AS Saint-Etienne (2009) - 1 time
    Paris Saint-Germain (2010, 2014-2015) - 3 times
    FC Girondins de Bordeaux (2011) - 1 time
    Olympique de Marseille (2012, 2020, 2023, 2033) - 4 times
    Olympique Lyonnais (2013, 2016-2019, 2021-2022, 2024-2025, 2027-2031) - 14 times
    Amiens SC Football (2026, 2032, 2035) - 3 times
    Toulouse FC (2034) - 1 time

    The ones in bold are the most-time winners from 2009-2035. :)

    Premier League - winner:
    Arsenal (2009-2035) - 27 times

    Premier League - runner-up:
    Man Utd (2009-2010, 2030-2031, 2034) - 4 times
    Chelsea (2011, 2017) - 2 times
    Liverpool (2012, 2014-2016, 2018, 2020, 2026) - 7 times
    Man City (2013, 2027-2029, 2033) - 5 times
    Reading (2019, 2021-2022) - 3 times
    Tottenham (2023, 2032, 2035) - 3 times
    Newcastle (2024-2025) - 2 times

    Premier League - third-placed:
    Chelsea (2009-2010) - 2 times
    Man City (2011, 2014-2015, 2026, 2030, 2032, 2035) - 7 times
    Man Utd (2012, 2029, 2033) - 3 times
    Liverpool (2013, 2017) - 2 times
    Aston Villa (2016) - 1 time
    Tottenham (2018-2020, 2028, 2034) - 5 times
    Cardiff (2021) - 1 time
    West Brom (2022) - 1 time
    Reading (2023-2025, 2027) - 4 times
    Newcastle (2031) - 1 time

  17. Cudareli

    Cudareli Antonio Valencia stan

    Entropy, i have been playing Football Manager (obviously Championship Manager) for over 10 years now and do a fair bit of reading on forums and reading managers stories, etc. Sad but it keeps me entertained.

    Hate to accuse you, but i would be willing to bet almost anything that those results are not 100% accurate.

    It is almost impossible to win every piece of silverware like you claimed to have won every year. There are always times on manager when your team doesn't turn up to play, its how the game engine works, and that's what keeps it fun and realistic.

    I can guarantee you that there has been exiting without saving on more then one occasion in that game.

    If not, then you have officially outsmarted one of the worlds most advanced game engines.

    On a side note, DVERAK what are your updates? I always enjoy reading your updates, etc. Do you play FM10?
  18. entropy13

    entropy13 New Member

    Indeed it really seems impossible, most of my cup finals lately have been close calls. Always ends up in penalties. I'll dig up a screen shot of one that lasted 13-12. EDIT: Actually I can't find that game anymore since in the Fixtures list they'll only show the score after ET, and not the penalties scored. It might have been the FA Cup against ManU in 2026, which ended 0-0. Or the one with Reading which ended 1-1.

    Maybe it's just me though, but FM really fcuked up the Premiership in my game, the only consistent team is me, Man City and Tottenham, and it was much more obvious after Chelsea faded and ManU got relegated. That's not really realistic to me (we're talking about the immediate seasons when starting a game, 2009-2012). ManU gets relegated (2013) just because of a manager change? Is that really realistic? The manager that got them relegated was Raul, who was actually doing well with a mediocre Bolton team prior to that. Then he got a job with Aston Villa and wins them the UEFA Cup.

    Also, take note of the year Newcastle finished 2nd (2024). Prior to that they won the Coca-Cola Championship! How realistic can you get?

    I must admit though that it is really, really hard. I had to keep a big squad so that I basically have two "starting elevens" with roughly equal strength, with a ratio of 3:2 in games (although some still gets "Unhappy", and some can get featured in both). Getting taken-over helps though, I was taken over twice already. Arsenal Reserves and Arsenal u18s are the best teams in their respective leagues as well. I don't personally take control of them, but THEY are MY player signings mostly (of course the others were youth academy intakes).

    Everton and Sunderland only spent 5 seasons each in the Prem, from 2009 to 2013. They went down with ManU and Everton never got back while Sunderland got back twice in the 2020s.

    In the case of the Champions League, it's more of familiarity and luck. Almost always meeting the same teams in the knockout rounds is a "bonus" of sorts.

    In the case of the League Cup and FA Cup, it's because of the "two starting XIs" I have. In the case of the league, overall team strength so to speak went down during the 2010s, although it's going back up again as only 5 points separated me and 4th place. And it's not like I'm always winning. True I've gone unbeaten thrice but they're all on different decades.
  19. ivansen

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    On my game United have been going in and out of bankruptcy for the last ten years. Struggling in the championship with an almost guaranteed points penalty. Surviving because their youth setup continues to produce half decent players.

    I however took Sheff Wed to become the leading club in Europe, with kids.
  20. DREVAK

    DREVAK New Member

    I can't really agree with the notion that winning everything is close to impossible. After a certain point your team seems to steamroll 99 percent of the opposition. Especially if you focus on stealing the best and brightest players out there. Only by heavy duty bad luck would a rare bad day coincide with, say, the CL final. I haven't read entropy's last report or two yet but an unbeaten season and winning every trophy there is is certainly achievable.

    Which, funnily enough, is part of the reason I don't really play it that much anymore. I always do a few matches and then take a pause of several weeks. There is very little incentive to play... in my current campaign as well as in the game itself – sure I could go for lower league management, but where's the fun in that with a silly match engine at best, extremely limited managerial options, a general lack of fun gameplay and, above all, an unclear at best and nonexistent at worst correlation between the wealth of information and actual ingame options and tactics.

    The bottom line is the game needs a massive overhaul. Not changes, but brand new concepts and genuine progress. I want a game that is fun to play and challenging, not a random number generator. Anyway why are we discussing this here and not in the 2010 thread. It's... newer!

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