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For those interested in an AFC tactic etc....

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Question/s for the gurus:

I want to look at trying to put together my own training schedules & have been doing a bit of reading on FM Britain.

As I understand it you need about 3-4 different schedules per position based upon player age & gametime, and the intensity of the schedules decreases for part time players.

Further to this the amount of training in each category is relevant to the number of attributes contained in each category, along with those prime attributes for the position AND those that you want to improve.

My questions are what is the general age groups & what training emphasis is relevant for those age groups?

U17 - Physical, tactics, ball control;
18-2?? - increase Physical, Ball Control & key role attributes;
2?? - 3?? - decrease physical & role, incease tactical, ball control remains constant;
3?? - 40? - increase physical, decrease tactical, increase role attributes.

The theory behind this being that:
* Physical attributes improve most before the early 20s;
* Mental attributes improve best once the physical attributes have 'peaked';
* Technical attributes are not as impacted by player's age.

Thoughts / suggestions???


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18-24. 25-30. 31-dependent on the oldest player lol.

You're right about the "theory" more or less.


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entropy13 said:
18-24. 25-30. 31-dependent on the oldest player lol.

You're right about the "theory" more or less.

Cheers for that.

I understand the improvement & decline of attributes are directly attributable to CA, which is impacted upon by age & 'free/unwanted/unrequired' CA. So by 'feeding' the Physical attribute's CA whilst young you have better chance of improving them to their PA before they 'peak' & no longer want CA & start to shed it. Then that 'unwanted' CA can be utilised elsewhere (Mental) & the level of training the Physical aspects can decrease to a level more akin to minimise the loss without 'over training'.

Once a player reaches 30 they are unlikely to improve in any area & training is ALL about minimising the rate of attribute loss as they shed CA. The higher you can get their Physical attributes the longer they can perform at the physical levels required at the top end of competition. Likewise the higher their Technical & Mental attributes the greater their potential longevity as a player regardless of their Physical decline.

Armor for Sleep

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Haven't really played it since i lost a crucial league game with 2 very late goals. I think the unrealistic transfers has kind of spoilt it for me.


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Armor for Sleep said:
Haven't really played it since i lost a crucial league game with 2 very late goals. I think the unrealistic transfers has kind of spoilt it for me.

Patch 11.2.1 is out...& there is bound to be further patches followig the Jan window.


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I'm in start of 2015/16 season and I have played Man Utd, Arsenal, and Chelsea already in my first 5 games lol.

Everton 1-0 Arsenal

Everton 7-0 Chelsea 8))

Man Utd 0-1 Everton

The new patch is out but can't be bothered to download it. If I do download it, will I need to start a new game for it take effect?


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For Arsenal I played: 4-1-3-2






* For CM set as Advanced play maker.
* Set RST as advanced forward and LST as Complete forward.



Speed: Fast
Width: Wide (not too wide)
Depth: Push up (not too much)
Pass type: Mixed
Player movement: Stick to position

Good luck :)


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HollandGooner said:
I am ******* awfull with Arsenal, Does somebody here have the right tactic for Arsenal? I am currently lying 13th

Have you done any analysis on where you are going wrong?

What type of game are you trying to play & what are your stats & feedback like? What shape, selections, roles & instructions - both team & individual? You may have contradictions as simple as short passing but too much space between the players & too quick a speed of play? What is your training like - does it compliment your style & roles?

Are you losing games from being in front? Conceeding late goals? What are the action zones like - losing midfield or failing to clear the defensive 3rd? How familiar are the players to your tactic? Not shooting enough? How much do you watch the games or do you tend to set & forget? Pre-season is a good opportunity to watch most of the game to see how your tactic is working.

I'm currently playing a 433 with WBs instead of FBs - automatic at Home & Support Away; a deep playmaker with support at Home & Defend Away, flanked by 2 Advanced playmakers with Attack at Home & Support Away; 2 Wide Inside Forwards on Attack with instructions to move into channels for wide play; and a Deep Forward on Attack. I always leave the WBs on stay back at attacking set pieces, and have the deep playmaker lurking outside the area at attacking corners, with 1 CM on stay back if needed. My CF stays forward on defensive free kicks but comes back for defensive corners - ball to feet for RVP, mixed for Chamakh. My WFs form the wall with my CMs but stay forward at corners - hold ball for Control tactic.


My team instructions are generally:
Home - Fluid, Attack, mixed passing emphasis, short passing style, push up, wide & quick (1st positions above normal);
Away - Balanced, Control, defensive line, speed & width are all on normal position, with speed on the lowest normal position.

At Home I'll change my tactic from Attack to Control when I'm ahead, but I don't use counter or offside team instructions as I want to play the game in the opposition half.

I've only just started the season & have only played the 2 opening PL games H v Stoke (6-0) & Fulham (4-0).

NOTE: Just played my 3rd PL game - A v ManU = won 2-0 & I'm stoked.
Used my Control tactic throughout with the flat 3 midfield. They managed to shade possession, passing & the midfield, and my shooting was off as I've recently changed my training routine.


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Anzac said:
squallkid said:
I can't sell any of my players, no one wants them.

Any tips?

Have you tried to offer them to clubs?

Yes and unless I offer them stupidly low values, 4 million pounds for clichy for example, no one puts in a bid. Then I have to haggle it back up to the original asking price and even then they still stop a couple mil short


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I play that same 4-1-3-2 and for some reason I'm unbeaten in 3 seasons, haven't lost since the spuds beat me 2-1 at their place.

I play a mixed passing game, with Fabregas as the playmaker and my wingers cutting inside then the FBs hugging the touchline to blast in a cross.

No wonder I'm unbeaten in the league when everyone else is such rubbish, season just ended and United Chelsea and Liverpool are all level on 68-70 points while I have 90. It could also have something to do with the players try to improve your squad and tactics.

On a side note I don't have all the luck in the world, bought Messi last year for a record fee and he gets injured in his 3rd match and was out for 10 months and he has kept picking up injuries since then.


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Well if there are others that can easily go unbeaten in FM2011 then I most probably would too... :p


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I am unbeaten with Everton since my first season:

PL: 216 games

Career: 298 games

I've only lost one game and that was against Arsenal in 2011...I'm now in 2016 8))

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