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The Bench boost with almost the same lineup(Dubravka,Broja/Coutinho,Coady and Jiminez) is what I am considering now. Can`t seem to make my mind up either way.
Yeah I can't make my mind up either. Don't know if there will be many better options to come. Apparently there will be a big double in GW36 so I could wait until that opportunity but if I free hit then I can't boost.
Watched a bit of the Leeds game yesterday and they were horrific. Don`t really want to hold on to Raphinha any more and moved to Kulusevski. With James`s injury, I had to bring in Doherty too ( Though I hate the idea of having 3 Sp**s players in the team now. Both as an Arsenal fan as well as a football fan).
Now I have 9 double gameweek players this week and 9 playing next week( Will bring in one more with a free transfer). I am really not sure about how all this is going to work after GW31 though.
On holiday this week so I don't have much time to look regardless. I will have to shift Willock in GW30, took him as a two GW punt (didn't work out in the first double GW), and will probably shift Raphinha in GW31. Really tired of him and his double blank really screwed my score. Will evaluate in GW31 who to get.

Thinking of doing Rudiger -> Doherty now. He has two games on him in two GW's. Can get Rudiger back in for an underperforming defender in GW31. But I don't like to take too many short term punts. Will think about it tonight.

Dutch D

Well-Known Member & FPL Champion 19/20
This gameweek kind of summarizes my season. Captained Salah because I didn't dare to captain Cancelo, decided against taking a hit to move from Broja to Nketiah (had to move out White first), still get a decent score in 91 points but drop 30k in rank. Been in a freefall for 4 weeks from 110k to 196k,

Hoping my free hit brings me back into a positive trend. Would be great to finish the season within top 150k (ultimately the goal was 100k, but that seems out of reach).

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