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Gabriel Jesus: Arsenal’s new Messiah?


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Superior pace, superior agility, superior dribbling/technical ability, superior fitness. Put that all together and uptick in impact is not altogether a massive surprise.

And ironically I think we paid slightly less for Jesus than Lacazette in a time when player prices has been increasing (albeit Jesus did only have a year left on his contract).

Good recruitment.


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Scored two but could have had five. I hope he'll improve his output as our GD and comfort in matches will be better if he does but he looks very complete and in many ways, so much better than he was at City. I'm delighted for him and hope he has a stellar season

I would be delighted if he continues his current output.
If he improves it, we probably win the league.


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Reminds me of Tevez, never stops and his technique is so clean. Looks an absolute coup right now.
Yeah his lightning quick and tidy footwork is startling at times, it’s not really something we’ve seen at the Emirates for years.

Speaking for myself but I forgot how highly he was rated at 19. I’ve only really seen the pressing/workrate side of Jesus casually watching City games.

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After his interview after the game look at city pep was telling him to play on left more that's why he don't looked comfortable there he always want to play CF really happy we convinced him to join us because the lack or CF in market is scary we got a very good one at acceptable price and still at good age.


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I was confident that he would be good but he's one of those cases where you really have to watch a player regularly to appreciate his ability. He's got so much more talent than I thought he did even watching him play really well at City. He seems to really be rising to the challenge of being the main man and it's great to see. He contributes so much to our general play with and without the ball. That first goal yesterday is one that very few would even attempt to finish that way and it's nice to have another player who can create something out of absolutely nothing on the end of play but also contribute to the build up. Couldn't be happier with him so far.


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World class talismanic goal scorer for the Arsenal. An Henry/Wrighty hybrid. Good age too. I think he’ll see out his career here and finish up a hero, walking with the gods. You just can’t see him not scoring.

Heard Messi looked up to Jesus, as we was coming through the Barca academy.

Ages wise, I am not sure how that works...but it just shows how talented our Brazilian is!


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Was obvious he would improve our general attacking play even on his bad day, I just didn't expect he would be able to score and assist for fun.

It's amazing how one player can transform our game, we are fun to watch again!

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