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Gabriel Jesus: Arsenal’s new Messiah?


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I could have overlooked someone but i checked and think Jesus has two PL goals less than Rashford and is the 2nd best Goalscorer in the PL for players currently under 27 (Sterlings age).


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Player: Martinelli
Definitely not in the top 5 probably not even in the top 10
Go on then, name 10 better strikers Arsenal have had since 2006

I can think of 4, arguably 5. Henry (if this counts as "Emirates era"), Adebayor, RvP, Aubameyang and obviously Nicklas Bendtner. Who else? Eduardo? Vela?

Walcott/Arshavin/Sanchez can't be considered because they didn't play as striker. if you even dare say Chamakh or Welbeck :lol:
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