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Gabriel Jesus: Will He Rise Again?


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Woo! Took a while but we finally managed to announce him! A bit of a relief, was starting to get a tad concerned a backflip happened. Welcome Gabriel Jesus!

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Glad it's finally official.

I've got faith Gabriel is going to be a really asset for us going forward. Very glad to have him.

He's about the best we could have got given our circumstances.

No complaints with this signing at all.


You're wrong, no?
Lazy admins still have it tagged as a green "confirmed"... I'm done with this forum


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Majority of City fans say he is a great player and a few even go far as he is too good for us :lol: Some slight grumbles about his injury record though.

Very pleased with this signing. Be interested to find “that” poster that hates him from the start … there’s always one!
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