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Gabriel Jesus: Will He Rise Again?


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That time when he slid after the ball had gone by just to show he tried but didn’t try it when the ball was in reach because he knew he might miss


You're wrong, no?
I was worried for a few weeks we won't have anyone to blame if we got a bad result or something, but AM forum found a new toy to **** on


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What the hell is this thread, ffs!

I think we have gone past him as a starter, too unreliable regardless of anything else...but stop acting like this guy isn't a great squad option, will be very important these last few games.

Ran himself into the ground today when he noticed Kiwior was struggling in the first 30 mins or so, held up the ball very well at times...I don't know why some of you are acting like he shot your mothers or something.

Back to back title races and a great result today, guess Arsenal Mania just HAS to complain about something :lol:



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Actually didn't think he was that bad. Some frustrating moments where he dribbled and lost the ball, and that one snatched shot wide. But I'm not sure Martinelli would have had much joy today either given how we really only had a couple of counter opportunities and he likely would done even less in the situations where Jesus tried to dribble to make space.

You just want Jesus to have smashed that one chance though after taking it down so well.

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He’s our Saka backup going forward. Have him properly rotate with Bukayo next season.

Don’t think we rely on him as our main goal scorer though. Think moving away from him in that role, is part of our focus this summer.


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Hopefully see some heroics before the season is up. Really disappointed how much he has fallen off


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I was very harsh on this guy for the first half hour then , it finally clicked from his pressing position he was an auxiliary wing back . Basically given the Mourinho Eto role. In that context he did superb. Only dangerous looking attacker we had on Sunday as well .

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