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✍️ OFFICIAL Gabriel Jesus

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Let's not compare Jesus to God, even as a joke.
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I know Jesus is Good, but Who would compare Gabriel Jesus with Bergkamp?


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I hear what you're saying, but Raphinha makes a bigger difference to this team than Tielemans imo.

A mobile technician in there who can use both feet transforms us.

Hard to say who would make the bigger difference but i lean towards the Belgian.

Youri is very mobile and technically gifted, he provides goals+assists threat and he rarely misses any game (107/117 PL games over the last 3 seasons). If we dont' get him, we have to rely wayyyy too much on Xhaka/Elneny/Lokonga and hope Partey stays fit the whole season.

Raphina could be massive but if we miss him, ESR and Martinelli could still make a big leap this season having a reinforced midfield with Vieira and Youri behind them and Jesus in front.

Anyway, pretty sure we'll all be verry happy with either player:


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I hear what you're saying, but Raphinha makes a bigger difference to this team than Tielemans imo.
Hear me out, but I’m not sure Raphina alone moves us. I just see him as an upgrade on Martinelli/ESR but not by much. However, Raphina and a LCM definitely rocks the boat. I know Martinelli and ESR have come under some criticism but they don’t have it as easy as Saka does it. Our right hand side is way more stable and trustworthy. Saka has Ødegaard to combine with. The left-hand side is just Xhaka who we all know is not suited for that role.


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Anyone wary of this transfer just needs to read a Man City forum. I read the last 4 pages of the Jesus thread on Blue Moon, every post is one of disappointment that he is leaving which speaks volumes.

As good a signing as we could have made in our position. I doubt he's going to be prolific but will add a lot of pressing, movement, top level experience and class to our strike force. Now we just need the 20 GA man on the left (or right if Saka moves across)


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If he signs he better speak English in his interview. This is England….we speak English here:cool:
English **** language as usual writing **** for people only because they belong to the greatest nation. The first people on Earth and some **** dare to judge us. English language can kiss xhaka ass.

I forgot, guy ritchie can kiss our ass too, btw.
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