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✍️ OFFICIAL Gabriel Jesus

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This is why Gabby is picking us, over the Chavs...


...how's that for a slice of fried gold, Rory Jennings...ya fugly tory!


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This has to raise expectations if the 2 or 3 deals we hear are done get confirmed, it would be a massive infusion of talent. There can be no excuses next season. Although there really aren’t any valid excuses for the year end debacle this year.


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Incredible opinion. What have you see to suggest he’s NOT a top player?
I just think there are so many better forwards than him in world football.

Top for me is lewandowski, Benzema, Kane, Aubameyang, Mbappe, Haaland, Martinez, C.Ronaldo. Salah. Mane, Gnabry.

I just think he’s below that level. Even vlahovic, Cabral, firminho, immobile are ahead of him.


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I think I'm going to enjoy Brazilian culture next season, Marquinos meant to be a young talent then we've got Gabriel, Martinelli & now GJ & Raphina next year, might get half the Brazilian squad by the 23/24 season haha.

If we have Martinelli, GJ, Saka & Raphina who can play anywhere along the front line wonder if that will put ESR back centrally now considering he was originally meant to be a CAM I thought. ESR probably wouldn't get the highest amount of gametime along the front 3 now.


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There’s this weirdo on Redcafe, Pogue Mohone (name is as **** as his posts) who camps in the Arteta/arsenal threads and talks the most ****e I’ve ever seen

Yesterday he compared the Jesus signing to Willian :lol::lol:

@Juan Matas Beard sort your guys out ffs.

Pogue ? wow , he's been there for 15 years if he is still there . :lol:
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