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✍️ OFFICIAL Gabriel Jesus

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You guys do like p**zy, right?
Or he has several offers and hasn't decided?

In that situation its up to us to convince him that Arsenal is the right place for him. We have talked with his agent for around 4 months so i guess convincing isnt Edus strongest side.

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Man city good at selling they forcing us to pay the G.Jesus true valuation. Still believe this one will be done around 40M G.Jesus want to come here helping us to negotiate lower fee

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Let's hope no more waiting and we can get those 2 deals done before July. Good start. It'll give us good time to get winger and LB done next


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Wonder who other targets might be. Scamacca looks like going to PSG. Who would be next on the list, Calvert-Lewin??
I'll be a bit sad if we miss out in Scammaca for less than £40m. Feel like he might be a bargain in today's striker market. Hlozek, Tielemans, Bissouma & Scamacca would have been nice business.

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Tielemans and Jesus for 70m is actually decent we still have alot to spend and we haven't made our poverty sales yet. Remember it's installments don't let these big fees fool you.


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Whats our budget according to reliable sources?
Hard to say what reliable sources are these days.

I reckon we will have around 100m plus player sales. Jesus+Tielemans+Hickey would be the budget done.

Maybe one more decent signing would be possible with the Leno, Pepe, Guendouzi (done) money.


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My take is that during winter Kroenke told Arteta to trim fat from squad which meant player loans & sales, & money would be made available in summer.

I'd wager that plans were made for UCL quali....
STR x 2
MF x 2

I'm not sure if they had a plan for EL, but if they did I cant believe it involved extending Eddie & Mo as they were nowhere near 1st team during the winter...

I reckon offering Eddie & Mo is just a way of maximising current squad & at the same time being able to bring in

STR x 1
MF x 1

I wouldn't be surprised if we went for Zinchenko as he can operate as MF & LB. He doesn't rate Pepe so I'm sure we'll pick up a RW too. Raphina would be a smart buy.


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Remember it's installments don't let these big fees fool you.

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The thing that worries me the most is that the plan seems to be getting Jesus as a starter, and Nketiah as a backup.

Jesus won't be enough to solve our goalscoring issues. In fact, he's still not a great goalscorer, even though the potential is here.
It's worrying that Arteta has been looking for a tall, fast & lethal striker like Vlahovic & Nunez, and now he's settling for Jesus which is a total different player. It seems like we don't really have a plan here, we're just chasing available players.

We're not getting top 4 when you don't have a single 15 goals player upfront, and having such a low goals output from the rest of the team.
The gap in quality with the competition would still be huge.

I was hoping we were getting 2 strikers, but it doesn't seem like it's the case anymore.
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