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✍️ OFFICIAL Gabriel Jesus

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The thing that worries me the most is that the plan seems to be getting Jesus as a starter, and Nketiah as a backup.

Jesus won't be enough to solve our goalscoring issues. In fact, he's still not a great goalscorer, even though the potential is here.
It's worrying that Arteta has been looking for a tall, fast & lethal striker like Vlahovic & Nunez, and now he's settling for Jesus which is a total different player. It seems like we don't really have a plan here, we're just chasing available players.

We're not getting top 4 when you don't have a single 15 goals player upfront, and having such a low goals output from the rest of the team.
The gap in quality with the competition would still be huge.

I was hoping we were getting 2 strikers, but it doesn't seem like it's the case anymore.
I don't think we are in a position to sign one player who is going to solve our issues. Prolific goal scorers are as rare as hen's teeth and would cost close to £100m in today's market even if we could convince them to sign for us without champions League football.

Son, Kane, Kulusevski, Moura and Bergwijn scored exactly 50 Premier League goals last season. We need to at least match that. I think Jesus, Saka, a new wide forward, Nketiah, ESR and Martinelli are easily good enough to get 50 goals between them.

Get another 20 goals from the midfield 3, defence and own goals and we are at the 70 goals we realistically need to properly challenge top 4.

We actually have more goals in the rest of the team than Sp**s, Gabriel got 5, Ode got 5, none if their midfielders or defenders got close to that. Add Tielemans and that's another 5+ player.

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Good to see movement on this.

With how quiet things are with Eddie right now, it's nice to know we might someone who can play the position when training starts in two weeks.


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As long as we already convinced Jesus to join us, we can play the waiting game here and end up with Jesus for 35mil.
Edu has done it again.
Many here prefer to pay 10mil extra to wrap up deals a week or two sooner.
See us gettin Tielemans for 20now O.O

Obv after defeating them in negotiations, we'll gift them 3,5mil extra in the end, just bc we can and we like good sportsmanship


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Going from what the forum says in other threads we should stop "disrespecting him" with these low offers

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Think a deal around 40m is an excellent one. Hopefully we get it done around there, in time for pre season.

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Very good do everything early money available and will always be after kroenke took full control and there no need wait forever. get LB Tielemans and Raphinha next after that turn all your focus on sales.


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Osimhen is the profile I’d prefer but this looks like a much easier deal to do, so gotta get on board with it
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