Gabriel Magalhães: Future Brighter Than His Teeth?


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It sounds like he's claiming "In August" but considering I don't know many suburbs/areas around London maybe he's stating the area it happened & it just sounds to me like "August".

I mean the sentencing. The trial is over and the judge made a judgment.

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Gab confirmed from his Instagram story that the robbery attempt happen tow month ago and everything been resolved


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Happened in August so will not have any impact on the game tomorrow. Gabriel showed real balls. Fought of the attacker who wielded a baseball bat. Attacker seems some scumbag from Tottenham.



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I like him but man he can be useless when up against really good forwards. When someone is fast, tricky and has good movement they just get by him easy.

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I liked some of forward passing at 2nd half. Gabriel and white are still young really we can't expect clean sheet every game and there will be games they struggle


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Really appreciated the way he comfortably got the ball out of pressure with good forward passes yesterday. Showed good composure and passing ability.


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When the game became chaos he seemed to be our less confused player.

A lot of the credit Ramsdale gets for our clean sheets and supposed defensive improvement actually belongs to this guy.

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