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Gabriel Magalhães: Future Brighter Than His Teeth?


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He's our most promising CB, by quite some distance.

Even if White fulfils his potential here, he will be a level below Gabriel if he fulfils his...he has everything you want in a defender.


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We definitely miss him when he's not playing. The potential was there for all to see last season, the way he helped shut out Greenwood & Rashford at Old Trafford & Kane at the Emirates shows he can compete against the top players.

Fitness, consistency & building an understanding now key. If we can now get 30+ starts out of him & Partey in the league it would make a massive difference.


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He’s not as good as White on the ball but he’s still pretty good and you can back him to break the lines a few times a game.

Our entire back line can play now and the funny thing is you’d stay Tierney is probably the ‘worst’ passer in the back four. Good tools for the next manager. 😍
Yeah Tierney's passing can be a little inconsistent some times, but that ball for Aubameyang was an absolute peach. That would have been some goal if it came off


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Long Covid is no joke. It really takes a lot out of a player. I look at Gabriel and Havertz who were both sufferes. Havertz looked like another Bakayoko when he returned from his Covid spell. And Gabriel had it so bad, some fans thought Mari was the superior defender ffs. Show some respect to Gabriel man.

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