Gabriel Magalhães: Future Brighter Than His Teeth?


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For all the talk of him being hot headed, that was some very composed defending right at the end from him...was getting Mustafi PTSD, expected a mad error and a goal to be given away then :lol:

Big player for us now and in the future.

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The last time we had cb that score many goals his name was Vermaelen. I'm happy we have Gabriel because every set piece we got big chance to score he absolutely beast. He got 5 goals this season could been more.

There still improvement needed but there no way we even considering selling him.


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The player we could get most money from in a sale, if good price come along sell abroad and let’s see how Saliba and white gels


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He posted on his IG story that he's in Istanbul so expect to see him with a new set of hair this preseason.


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He's fine, but T. Silva he will never be.
Fair enough.

Can’t tell where he ends up but I’m glad to see such a naturally strong colossal player at Arsenal for a change.

We’ve never signed enough of these at the Emirates outside of Giroud who was oafish until he became refined with experience.

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