Gabriel Magalhães: Future Brighter Than His Teeth?


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I’m sorry but that pass he made in the first to Auba really reminded me of David Luiz’ assist to Auba against Everton. Never ever thought Gabriel would be capable of such technique. Great defender and underrated technician.


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I have serious concerns around his hairline. We can’t have Holding plus another weirdo hairline.

This is just madness. Edu needs to factor hairlines into his recruitment strategy. If there is too many then we will just end up looking like a young team that plays walking football from the estate.

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He's the rock of the defence and with Luiz gone, he has stepped up to organise the backline. I'm pleased that he now has competent colleagues back there to help him out.

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He’s playing like he did at the start of the last season, which is a great sign.

Reads the game well and he’s a real presence. He’s never been shabby on the ball, he’s quite good with it when he tries to pass forward.


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Only 23 and you can sense the charisma/presence from him that all great defenders have. Still a long way to go, but the signs are promising.


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He is on course to get ahead of everyone else, in the who should be captain after Auba race...he seems so vocal this season.

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