Gabriel Magalhães: Future Brighter Than His Teeth?

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Anyway regardless, I love this guy. People were doubting him last season when his form dropped after his great start, but he’s a kid in CB age. You have to deal with that.

He’s a PL made CB and we haven’t had someone of his profile for a very long time. Someone who can really dominate any striker in the league (would have liked to see him vs Lukaku, the only player I’m not sure about). He’s the perfect partner for a Ben White.

The future is looking good especially if we somehow keep Saliba also. We’d have the best set of young CBS in the world.


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Here's the interview these tweets have come from. Good to see he's enjoying his partnership with Ben White and all of the defence, inc Ramsdale!

The former Sheffield United goalkeeper, his infectious personality evident when he walks behind Gabriel chanting his name before this interview begins, is a vocal and authoritative presence on the pitch who has shown an impressive command of his penalty area.



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Not sure how good his English was last season but my word what a leader he's turned out to be. So so vocal and looks like a really experienced player out there considering his age. Getting better and better every week.


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Least him and White are getting better together...Ramsdale making a big difference too, as we would have lost this game last season.

1 goal conceded in 4 games, and no defeats...we are building.


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Great performance again. If he can keep these performance levels up for a prolonged period, what a player we have.