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Gabriel Magalhães: Future Brighter Than His Teeth?


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**** the PL he's the best CB in the world this season, can't think of anyone who could even chat to him.
If you look at his stats he is by far better than any other defender, saliba is closest and has better passing stats. Beyond stats he is asked so much by Arteta few defenders are asked as much
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Gabriel's ****ing brilliant. Won't have a bad word said about him. He's having to cover left back, dealing with bulls like Antonio, tricky wide forwards like Salah and does it all in a days work. If he had a few semi competent and switched on partners he could sit back have a smoke and just sweep about. Unfortunately he's having to do the work of 2 or 3 players.

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Tackle or not he was expecting paqueta to shot i thought he was good today but nervous too because he playing with holding


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Not his best game today but to be fair to him, Tierney was giving the ball away every time he got it and the less said about his partner in central defense, the better. Frankly, he's been performing miracles holding it together back there without Saliba. No need to be unduly harsh on him.


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Poor decision from him today, but is carrying the backline really and is our most important defender (if not overall player) still made a good amount of headers and blocks.


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Can forgive him for the penalty. He was getting dragged across the defence because Rob was getting cooked by Antonio.
Holding is garbage his first instinct is to run away and invite pressure onto us. His passing is woefully amateurish
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