Gabriel Magalhães: Not Our Only Signing


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No idea on what basis you can draw such a direct comparison with Saliba (and your choice of words: “that Saliba currently is”).

I know we’ve had a pretty poor season across the board but this is a multiple winner of player of the month for us. Some fans seemingly ready to jump on this player’s back, returning after an absence (rusty), is part of a pattern of what really concerns me at times of a contingent of our fan base being more part of the overall problem than anything else.
Think you will find Johnny Oxford views the world through a very negative pair of lenses.

He looks a good shout for £27m. Rusty at the moment, should get better and better.

People expecting "perfection" at CB should understand that it costs £70m+


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Obviously talented but needs a calming influence besides him. He will get better with time but will start Mari over him till we have a better RCB(and more mature) RCB than Holding pairing him.


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He is such a wall.

Looks like he is fully fit again and that's very good news for us. Some already forgot, how good he was before Covid.
The great thing about that is that his pre-covid run wasn't only a purple patch, he is back to his level and it tells us that we can expect that from him in years to come.

Now it's all about keeping this level, building up his reputation and the club needs to get back somehow to CL so he can play on the big stage in the knockout stage. Think he will soon be a 70+M defender


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He is such a wall.

Looks like he is fully fit again and that's very good news for us. Some already forgot, how good he was before Covid.
Some posters here seem to have the memory of a goldfish pared with a binary view on reality. Not the most helpful for a nuanced evaluation of players. Gabriel has been a good buy. He and Holding have been our best CB pairing and I for one would be fine with them as our starting option.

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Some of the posts on the last couple of pages.. horrendous.

This guy is a gem. He has EVERYTHING needed to become an elite CB. The level he's at now, I don't see many better in the PL. Other than Citeh he'd start for every big 6 team, and even then he's better than Stones but I feel Dias and Laporte will eventually be Citeh's starting pair.

He hasn't shown the rashness that a lot of CB's his age show. When he's defending in the box he doesn't just dive in, he weighs up the situation before making a decision. His passing between the lines is excellent and another noticeable aspect of his game is his pace. I've yet to see a forward beat him in an out and out footrace.

This has been an incredible signing.

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It's lovely to have him back and he looks fully fit after covid too. No evidence of psychological or physical bluntness. Watching Lascelles who still seems to be struggling with long covid makes me grateful to see our big lad putting on a good show.

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