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Gabriel Magalhães: O Monstro


Turns up only when we lose
He the first signing we made after winning the F.A Cup, alongside Partey. Won 0 major trophies since then

Partey has been unavailable for most of his career so we can consider him to be a flop signing.

This is Gabriel's 4th season, you expect him to be a seasoned pro by now but he's still erratic and error prone.

This season is make or break for many of our players, who will rise and who will fall ?


Arteta In by November

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Before the ball went out, he had a very easy chance to just clear the ball but he just missed it completely. Otherwise he was okay .


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Country: Colombia

His flopping costed us the game but that was unfortunately an Arteta instruction, no surprise a thorough VAR check found him throwing himself to the floor instead of being pushed.

It ruined what would have been a heroic performance to keep a 0-0


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That missed kick & flopping alongside the refs cost us the game

Again I can see why he is upgradable


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Before the ball went out, he had a very easy chance to just clear the ball but he just missed it completely. Otherwise he was okay .

He was great up untill that but that (and the ref) sadly cost us the game.

Sucks that our attack is so dire that a single mistake will cost us any chance at points though. But it was a big mistake that air kick....


Turns up only when we lose
He was poor in the first 15 minutes too, rewatch it guys and you see'll him underhitting many passes and putting pressure on Raya and Jorginho with his decision making skills.

His missed kick was the finest of margins as to why we lost this game, I don't feel confident with Gabriel if we are to play a knockout game (UCL).


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He’s done well to escape the blame on that Newcastle goal.

Saliba actually stops running because Gabriel should have it covered only to kick air.


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...Big Gabby made him look worth less than even the £30 million today :lol:

El Duderino

That's, like, your opinion, man.
How has he been for the NT? @El Duderino
Haven't been watching any games lately.

Was criticized vs Colombia but idk if that was fair or not (didn't watch the game)

Didn't catch the game, we're not looking good and there's a chance Ancelotti stays at Madrid :lol:

Arsenal Twitter in brasil was defending him. I think we're a very dead team at the moment and this current crop of players will get the bad end of the stick for a while, kind of like our temas post 2006.

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