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What an amazing defender Haaland tried all the tricks including diving yet couldn't trouble him


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This guy bullied Haaland so thoroughly that Pep had to protect Haaland from him after the game, Haaland gave him a cuddle to ask for forgiveness and then he went over to Jesus to try to get him to get Gabi to stop being mean to him. The poor City kit man has a job to do cleaning that big coward's shorts.



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I think there were some legitimate questions over him last season, he could be a bit iffy on the ball and in the tense games against big sides he had the tendency to get a bit rattled and start playing too emotionally, being overly physical and rushing around out of position. This season he's been impeccable though. Maybe not as good as Saliba on the ball but rarely makes glaring errors, and he's found the great balance between aggression and restraint. A bit mental how quickly we've gone from seeing Pablo Mari getting bullied by Lukaku to these two bullying every physical forward in the league.


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Him being in Haalands ear the entire 90 mins is just a hilarious sight btw. Tapped guy.



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Feels a long time ago now but why the hell did Arteta drop him at the start of the season?

Not sure it's ever been openly confirmed, but there were heavy rumors of a Saudi offer for him that he and the club were considering, and I guess Mikel felt he might not have been 100% focused enough to play.

Personally at the time I just thought Mikel was trying out some tactical variations. We had a couple of weak deep block teams to open the season, and it didn't seem unreasonable that if you're trying to maximize your offensive output that you'd drop your weakest build up player, and trust Saliba to handle the long balls. But the fact that he immediately went back into the team and hasn't left since the window closed suggests there was actually some truth to the Saudi stuff.
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