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Gabriel Magalhães: O Monstro


Turns up only when we lose
In the first half he slipped whilst in possession of the ball and was lucky Kane did not capitalise and in the second half he did that...

I'm tired of Gabozo, decent in most part of the season but craps himself in games when it matters.

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That what happen playing with Zinny for few games he started to act like him. They played much better than the 1st leg him and Saliba both looked calm apart from that Gabi misunderstanding pass to Raya

And that tells if we have mental problems at Emirates


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... don't know which reply I prefer more 🤣

Found it hilarious, but yeah certain man in the team are trying to win fr fr not celebrate 1 nil in the opening 20 mins lol.

I am a fan of the muted celebrations by White and Gabriel during the business end I have been spotting recently, these guys might be ready.


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Remember the times when the Saudi rumours came, and AM went into a total panic mode? And thought Arteta will sell his own first proper buy who has developed into a monster LCB when trying to challenge for the title for a second year in a row? At the end of the window I think? Good times.

Made no sense from Gabriel's perspective either. Guy is a clear starter, challenging for the biggest trophies in a young team, with a perfect CB partner. Only losers go to Saudi's at his age, and Gabriel isn't a loser. He can go there when 33 years old or something.

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Monday, May 20

Thomas Partey is wanted by clubs in Saudi Arabia, with just one year left on his deal [Evening Standard]

Pedro Neto & Nico Williams are admired by the club, while they have also watched Amadou Onana and Martin Zubimendi this season [Evening Standard]

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Borussia Dortmund will rival Arsenal to sign Fenerbache LB Ferdi Kadıoğlu [Takvim]

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