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Gabriel Magalhães: O Monstro


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I would take continued world class performances from him and 0 recognition from outside the club because it means we get to keep him without other clubs sniffing around. Don’t care what anyone else thinks he’s been top drawer for us for a while now and that’s all that matters.


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I say Gabriel is and has been better than Botman. I'll give you something to look at. Then come back to me with a logical argument to say different. First is one defenders team is 25 points ahead of the other. The rest.....enjoy 😉
@Rasmi Whats the matter pal? You always have something to say. I take it no response means you haven't got one.


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Botman locked United out twice in the league. Gabriel conceded 5 against them. We look very open and we’re lucky to only concede 1 yesterday
Mate address the stats I showed you and don't try to make an argument in a 38 game season based on 2 games 🤣🤣🤣


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What a sensational defender.

Must be so difficult to play LCB and LB nearly the whole game and he still managed it so well.
If the header just would be well placed..

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Yes shame his header was straight at Allison if he had scored that was 3 points for us.


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This guy was another standout player for us yesterday I thought. He had an unusual role where he moved out wide a lot to cover Salah, and thought he was brilliant and doing so.

He’s ironed out those early season mistakes and now is showing a very high level.

We just need Saliba back ASAP, they really are such a top partnership.


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How many CBs can play a quasi left back role against Mo Salah and keep him quiet? Not many. This performance made me look at him differently. I can’t stand the shouts for Martinez to be the best CB in the league, yet he got absolutely cooked by Salah when he was forced out to channels. It’s night and day between big Gabby and Lisandro Lannister.

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