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Gabriel Magalhães (Out)

Yousif Arsenal

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Prepare for loan and obligation to buy. Not sure why his agent offering him around maybe we are looking to sell and Saliba replace him? Still I'd like to keep him can't go every summer spend big on defenders


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❌ Fake News. Gabriel is in negotiations over a new contract at Arsenal. His agent is working to get the best deal possible.
Hopefully, as it makes no sense selling him.
I get people go on about his rash moments and the odd mistake he makes, but they also forget he's only 24 - still just a kid for a CB.

Yousif Arsenal

On Vinai's payroll & misses 4th place trophy 🏆
It’s normal my friend. Same thing will happen with Saka shortly, all about getting the best deal possible.
Need to extend saka and Martinelli until 2027 can't have thier agents offering them around every summer.


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Unless he's adamant he wants to leave I'd be fuming if we thought of selling him. Probably the best signing we've made in the post Wenger era and we've not even seen his peak yet.


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He clearly loves it here, plus Juve don't have the money for this anyway.

This is either bullshit, or as Hunta says just his agent getting him a wage increase...him and White will be our CBs for a while.

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On Vinai's payroll & misses 4th place trophy 🏆
Stability at the back is important it basically win you trophies we can't go every season buy center back we been doing that every summer since 2018 and that stopped us from improving other areas. Saliba is coming back next season we back to Europe there no need buy another cb unless holding leave. Gabriel and white just build decent partnership with Tomi cant destroy that after 1 season too


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I’m not Gabriel’s biggest fan but he’s young enough to improve and I like his attitude. He looks to have a will to win and seems to genuinely care for the club. Can’t underestimate that, especially in the modern game.

I’d keep unless a ridiculous offer comes in. Bs rumour any ways though.


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Possibly need to see him develop a bit more, which you can say about most under Arteta. I don't think you go far in the CL for example with his regular brain farts. He does well with a competent LB though so we need to resolve that tbh

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He still has three years left on his contract. He's not going anywhere unless someone makes a ridiculous offer.

Or unless he turns up late, then he can leave for free I guess. 🤷‍♂️

A transit stop through Exile Point Marseille is a pre-requisite in the club's transfer policy at this stage 🤣


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We really have to keep this young team together or what was the point of the rebuild?
I'd really like to see what this team - with 2 or 3 additions in the summer - will be like after playing together for another 2-3 years.
I think if we can hang on to the squad we have a real shot at challenging for the title again.


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Juve wouldn’t even pay closer to what we paid. Unless he fell out with Arteta and we willing to take a loss on him it’s not worth taking about it


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Too risky to sell with Saliba still being of unknown quality in this team and league.

We bought him for 30M anyway, minimum we should sell for should be double that.

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