Gabriel Martinelli: Talent Of The Century


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Shouldn’t we be loaning him out? His career here has totally stalled, looked pants since Micky arrived.

Not blaming Micky btw, I have always said I don’t know what his level is, never looked special to me, just a grafter.


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What Arteta has been telling him he needs to do, to get great again...


...glad Gabby finally listened!


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Mikel must be watching this forum. I think we were all suprised he came on as the 1st sub for Saka instead of Laca.

Yes Mikel - continue to integrate Martinelli and he will blossom.


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His route into the team definitely looks more likely at CF, which in my opinion is where he should be playing. Finishing and pressing are 2 of his strongest points and he had that in abundance when he came on. Was making some very clever runs as well. Should be rewarded with a start at Old Trafford, could make Maguire very uncomfortable.


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No way is this guy going on loan. Personally I think we can get Martinelli, Saka & ESR starting together. It would mean dropping Ødegaard or Auba.