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Gabriel Martinelli: Top Dog On The Wing


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So impressed with him today. Looked like a man out there. So physical, quick, unrelenting motor on and off the ball, great link up and clinical finish. Him, Zinchenko and Jesus were just on another level at times in this game. This could be his breakout season!!


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Player: Martinelli
Apart from his attacking prowess and destroying fofana, he won the ball so many times from midfield! Even for his goal he won the ball back to start the move. Looked like Alexis.


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Our Brazilian talent on wing has come a long...


...an awful long way, tbh.


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Wow, his hunger to win the ball back for his goal with the left footed finish outside of the box. Brilliant bit of play at a crucial period in the match.

Early days, but it looks like he’s leveling up this season.


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Think he will impress more than Saka this season. Slightly concerned that Pepe didn't feature yet again.


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Early days, but it looks like he’s leveling up this season.


He’s always had pace and skill but in the body of a skinny injury-prone teenager. He looks like he’s added some muscle and grown into himself and is turning into a force. The Martinelli of a year or two ago couldn’t have physically dominated a player like Fofana the way he did today.

Awesome to see when hope and potential turns into a dynamic finished product.

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