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Gareth Southgate's England

Juan Matas Beard

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Was a piss easy group but 10/10 is quite an achievement.

Can't exactly say it's one of our most formidable national teams as well with quite a few "average" players in the team.

Think Roy's done a solid job and hasn't had much attention in the media (which isn't exactly a bad thing) as expectations are pretty low.

I'd say the only thing that annoys me about him are his annoying selection choices; Townsend, Vardy, Walker and Gibbs seem to have a free pass in the team. Would have liked players like Dier, Puncheon, Zaha and Cresswell given a chance.

Share your thoughts.


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Well we couldn't have asked for an easier group really. Still, 10/10 looks nice. I think we've got a talented bunch of first team players but the manager isn't good enough. We're solid, like you said, that's about it. No hope in hell of winning the Euros but i'd at least want to see us get out the group, or maybe win a game? Quarter final should be our realistic target next summer. A semi final would be a great achievement.

Just counting down the days until we get a replacement for Woy weally. Guess we'll gather a lot more info about where we stand with the friendlies coming up. No more playing dross opposition. Some real football teams to play now.

Agree the with the call ups. Townsend is the biggest joke of them all. We're missing quite a few players through injury though i suppose, but if you're going to give a game to fringe players then at least give it to someone who deserves it.

All in all, not much to get too excited about for the Euros next summer.

Would be interesting to see what other people think our starting team should be for next summer. I'd go with this:


But wouldn't mind Walcott in for Kane. Just think that front 2 is a bit more balanced.


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Easy group, not a real indicator in regards to seeing how we would fair against big teams but nice to win all the matches.

I am annoyed with Roy's selections. I would like Roy to dump his "old guard" aka the out of form experience players which has been our major downfall in the past several tournaments. Dump Rooney, Cahill, Carrick and Jags and bring in younger players in better form.

Townsend (serioulsy...how)??? - Redmond
Rooney - Sturridge
Gibbs - Cresswell
Walker - Jenkinson
Carrick - Dier
Jags - Dann
Cahill - Richards

Vardy is no spring chicken and isn't a big name but he has earned his call up on current form.


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Your first team looks quite good when everyone's fit. Can't see that happening though (Wilshere for instance, who's one of your best in that midfield), and I also can't see Rooney getting dropped. Which is bad news, as the likes of Sturridge and Walcott are so much more threatening.


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England has a chance at Semi-finals at the Euros. Just drop Rooney to second half player.


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Lallana needs to start for England, he's impressive in every match for England (he should be one of first names on the team sheet after Wilshere and Hart).
He seems like a headless chicken to me but he does provide a certain amount of energy and legs in midfield.

I'd play Dier over Carrick in @Juan Matas Beard team, otherwise that's a good line-up. I like Delph also but he's been injured so can't really say.


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Hodgson is the best manager England has in decades, leading the England squad with the weakest group of players in decades. The way some of you guys talk, it seems as if you think the England players is are good as the German ones and England should be trashing every team 5-0 in every match. Bah Bah Bah England has an easy group, so what Spain has an easy group too and they didn't go 10-0. Yeah so Townsend is ass, but who should be called up ahead of him? Zaha? Think a lot of you guys are going to miss Roy Hodgson when he goes.


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Country: Netherlands

TBF, this is a great achievement you can only give the english team a big compliment.

If you look at the group ofcourse it was an easy group, but please look at the Netherlands they are currently standing 4th in a so called easy group...

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TBF, this is a great achievement you can only give the english team a big compliment.

If you look at the group ofcourse it was an easy group, but please look at the Netherlands they are currently standing 4th in a so called easy group...

you guys are old enough to understand the pattern of Englishmen toward their managers, bet if some other more popular manager got this achievement, the wanking would be spectacular

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For me the key question is which 3 midfielders to play. Lots of options. Hard to judge. The other question is which striker to play, I'ld go with who's in shape. I'ld go for:

Clyne Smalling Stones Shaw
Henderson Wilshere
Walcott St'ge/Kane Sterling


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Before setting out a team, we must ask ourselves what are the limitations and strengths of the English team.

Limitations: Absolutely devoid of midfield quality outside of Wilshere, most of the others are purely physical specimen.

Strengths: Defensively, England shape up alright, Stones is phenomenal, Smalling has been doing well, Clyne is a solid option and Shaw owns the left hand side.

Offensively, England have both speed and are clinical to an extent.

Henderson-Wilshere-Milner or Delph

Frontline can be three out of: Sturridge, Kane, Welbeck, Theo, Ox, Sterling.

Good defense.
Liberation of Wilshere.
Clinical, quick and hard working frontline.

Hodgson should be able to figure this stuff out, no better manager than him when it comes to playing on the back foot.


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Hodgson has to do well next summer. The last Euro's were a free shot for him and the World Cup was over in a flash. This will be his 3rd tournament, not many managers get that luxury without being judged.


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I only saw 1 or 2 games from your team but I when watching the match against Estonia I had the feeling that your players are a little bit too selfish. Walcott, Kane, Barkley, Sterling - every one of them wanted to be the one who scores the goal. Instead of making a decisive pass they chose to shoot themselves.


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England will get found out proper if Woy continues using Wilshere as the DM in the Euros. It's going to be ugly.

Sterling is our best #10. Will take a while for Woy to clock on of course.

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