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Discussion in 'The Arsenal Academy Page' started by M+D, Aug 3, 2010.

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    Unrelated but can't decide if it's worth a thread. We've apparently got rid of as many as 8 people from the recruitment staff including head of youth recruitment.

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    Morrow going is interesting. Perhaps they want to do more to match Chelsea and currently Palace' recruitment in London. I think our coaching in that time has improved a lot but perhaps we need even stronger recruitment in order to bolster the options available when promoting to the 1st team.

    Very interesting.
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  3. MutableEarth

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    Azeez last minute equaliser
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    Fabulous interview with Marcel Lucassen. Arguably the most important person in our youth set-up - credited as one of the architects of the resurgence of German football post-2006.

    I'm gonna expand more on the article when I am home so I can read it again.
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    Here's the full interview:

    I underlined the significant parts of the interview - or at least that were of interest to me. To me, Lucassen's philosophy on coaching doesn't appear to be very different from Wenger's but there is a method here by which he is looking to teach both our players and coaches - emphasising intelligence and being able to coach among themselves. We did talk about Vieira ignoring Wenger's tactics, but in essence it is not exactly something Wenger tried to prevent - in fact that's probably what he wanted Vieira to do anyway. He was about letting the players express themselves.

    Lucassen here seems to be looking to implement a stronger framework with which to work this ideology around, which is something I've advocated for since before the academy was due an overhaul. His role as a technical coach and consultant for both Hoffenheim and the German FA really backs up his credentials and I'm eager to see what kind of development comes from within. Physically, tactically and technically, we could see newer generations of our academy become even stronger as a result, creating a talent pool which we can easily bring into first team focus as well as for resources.

    Here's something I just found aswell:

    Gonna have a quick read of this before bed. I like to see interviews like this, gives me hope for the future. We need more people like this closer to the first team to strengthen the players we already have.
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    Jeorge Bird report from yesterday:

    Big fan of Smith - he has grown on me a lot since the first time I saw him. Very technical, superb passer - perhaps even better than Burton at it. Smith does need to work on dealing with physical midfielders though, he's had the run-around from quite a few since coming up to the U18s but he is improving a lot regardless, and is the kind of clever player we could always do with. Was the captain and an important figure in the U18 team last season that won the PL south title.

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    Smith looks like one of those players who'll go under the radar in youth football but come into life in first team football. When I think of him , I think of Harry Winks (I know , he's a c***) . Winks went under the radar at youth level. At the age of 20 he had only played about 3 games for S***, 30 at the age of 21; but his techinichal qualities solely enabled him transition to first team where playing with Sissoko and Wanyama, gifted athletes covered for his physical limitations until a point where he's grown physically and become more intelligent tactically. At youth level teams are rarely balanced. Smith regularly played with Cottrell and Azeez plus Swanson and Lopez at fullback who are more technical than they are physical hence all their deficiencies glare at your eyes . At first team level , teams are more balanced and I feel it'll allow his technical qualities to shine. He's grown a lot physically this year, he looks bigger and taller . He needs a lot of luck on his side though . He's a superb passer of the ball from deep, better than Burton, and I feel he's role in u18s superb season was underrated because of Balogun exploits.
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    I think hes fine next to one of Azeez or Olayinka. Azeez takes it easy but hes a pretty powerful athlete once he gets going. Olayinka is a good runner aswell and always gives you good work rate and intelligence. Alongside similar midfielders to himself and it can be a bit samey.

    He is defo looking a lot bigger though. Seems to have gotten wider shoulders and looks like he can keep possession. Hes been at the weights. I dont mind that as he isn't that quick but needs to continue being agile in possession aswell. I like him more than Burton aswell tbh and Balogun overshadowed all the other impressive performers last year (Smith, Clarke, Cottrell, McGuiness, Coyle etc).
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    Trae Coyle beginning to show his talent again. Might have travelled.
  10. MutableEarth

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    Omari Hutchinson scores 2 worldwide for u16s. Close to u18 selection.
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    He is attacking from right there.

    Interesting, I was led to believe he played in midfield or from left.

    Guess he is lefty and they are seeing potential in him cutting inside from right?
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    He's been played all over that attacking midfield to be fair. Seems to have versatility there, very interesting - especially given Marcelo Flores is also a strong presence in the team.
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    Told you all Omari is great. Look at his dribbling, skills and technique.
    Chelsea has Hudson odoi but our academy hasn’t been producing that level of talent since Gnabry.
    Nelson, Saka are good but not even close.

    Do you really think our Chelsea rejects tap in merchant (who doesn’t contribute in build up play), can match with Abraham’s football skills and physical strength (which is useful in the team’s tactical play and in the building up phase)?
    Only good with finishing and tap in? so where is he for the rest of 85 mins when our team needs help to progress up the pitch?
    Overhyping our own player is disgusting. Fact is our academy is not as great as Chelsea or City. To restructure our academy staff is the right step to take, so well done Arsenal.
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    Yeah Chelsea's academy is excellent but I disagree about City's academy. Chelsea seem to have this knack of getting players who are physically built like men at age 17/18. Our youngsters don't seem physical enough to make it to the 1st team early unless they have a significant growth spurt.
  15. MutableEarth

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    Was looking at the current U23/U18 team and thinking of who would be useful to Arteta in the mid-term - as in who could impress on a tour in pre-season and work his way into cameo/bench status. Of the U23s, we're in a bit of a transitional period IMO. There's some promising talent there who I think could work their way into being squad guys at least - John-Jules, Balogun and Matt Smith would be the ones I look at. I think Harry Clarke is talented but would need to see more. I think Robbie Burton definitely has a case - I prefer Smith but I like Burton aswell, he has that little bit of aggression to his game that will help him. Can see him becoming a very solid PL-level player.

    I think John-Jules and Smith of the U23 team are players who will really impress if given the opportunity though. Matt Smith has fast become one of my favorite prospects at the club. An amazing passer of the ball at his best, his lack of physical strength seems to have been somewhat remedied. Meanwhile John-Jules to me is the quintessential modern #9 stylistically. How good he actually becomes is up in the air but I think he has the all-round game, the physical attributes and the mentality to go very far. He needs to be a tad more clinical at times - something Balogun has no issue with. Greenwood needs a bit more time with the U23s IMO. I almost forgot Ben Cottrell aswell - I think he needs a bit more time with U23s aswell but he's very promising aswell.

    From the U18s, there's a LOT of potential there but only one name I could call close enough to contention: Miguel Azeez. By the end of the season, the likes of Cirjan and Patino could also be talked about, as well as a few of the defenders who've been called promising, but Azeez is the clear star of the team and I think he should be playing U23 football already right now. He may even bypass it. He's that good IMO. Perfect CM, great technician and passer, can dribble out of trouble, good shot, combative defender aswell. I think if he has a weakness, it's that he could perhaps play with a bit more intensity - when he plays with purpose he's beastly.
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    Strong team
    Is Azeez injured btw?
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    Yeah. Dont know how long though but hes missed the last couple of weeks.
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    Great stuff. Funny that, Dennis nearly scored a pretty sweet solo goal vs Chelsea on the weekend aswell. He's very fast!

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