German Football Thread


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Jovic didn't play football for 1,5 years and just scored 2 goals in 30 minutes.
Bundesliga is becoming a bigger farmers league than Ligue 1 I am afraid.
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Sadly a lucky win for Gladbach, had enough chances for a goal.

& Diaby with the lead for Leverkusen against Dortmund. BVB could miss out on CL this season.


Loves Overhyping Our Rivals
Sacking Favre so early and not replacing him look a bit hysterical now

Favre had the best average of points from all Dortmund coaches, but he always got critisized for his personality, which isn't fitting to Dortmund. But that's not his fault and he has shown that he is an excellent coach and new coaches have to prove it first, that this squad can show better performances.

Quite happy for Favre, that he isn't fault anymore for every loss.

And the 2:1 for Leverkusen, Wirtz. Dortmund better in the second half, but Wirtz is quite a player. More technical than Havertz.


Loves Overhyping Our Rivals
Horrible match day for Mainz and Schalke.

Only 7 points for them after the first half of the season, already 9 points behind the relegation place. They need a miracle.


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Haaland is proper insane, his finishing ability is just freakish. He's 20 years old, he's finishing like Ronaldo at Madrid.

Sancho too, two unbelievable assists.