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The White Pelè

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Frankfurt have really bottled it, haven't they? Dortmund can reach the Champions League tomorrow. Werder are choking in style as well. @NieThePiet. Stuttgart win as well. All the others draw, instead.

1-0 Schalke

1-1 Frankfurt

2-1 Frankfurt

2-2 Schalke

4-2 Schalke

4-3 Frankfurt

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2-1 Bayern


2-2 Freiburg

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1-0 Gladbach


1-0 Augsburg

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1-0 Hoffenheim

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1-1 Bielefeld

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Dortmund in the CL.
Haven't expected this a few weeks ago.

What a run from BVB and some bottle-job from Frankfurt.


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With Dortmund in CL i think they can keep Haaland for one more season Sancho is going but that really important for them financially.


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This person is 21 years old. He legit looks 36. Honestly Schalke shouldn't be allowed back into the Bundesliga for at least 5 years.


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Werder are truly ****ed. If Cologne score they are relegated. Bayern, Dortmund, Hertha and Mainz win, instead. All the others draw.

1-0 Gladbach

1-0 Dortmund

1-0 Bayern

2-0 Bayern

3-0 Bayern

1-0 Hertha

1-0 Mainz

4-0 Bayern


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That's it. The 2. Bundeslig is gonna be a small Bundesliga: Werder, Schalke and Hamburg. Only 1 point in the last 10 games for Werder. That was a total collapse. Cologne go to the playout, while Union Berlin qualify to the Conference League.

2-0 Dortmund

3-0 Dortmund

5-2 Bayern

Final verdicts:

Champions: Bayern
Champions League: Leipzig, Dortmund and Wolfsburg
Europa League: Frankfurt and Leverkusen
Conference League: Union Berlin
Relegated: Schalke e Werder

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