Granit Xhaka: Managers Love Him! (But No One Else Does)

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by Marjorie, Aug 18, 2020.

  1. Pyres7

    Pyres7 Well-Known Member

    Under was already sprinting past him and Xhaka was still at walking pace. If you can't see how that's a head start I don't know what to say. Ok he wasn't behind him, he was about level, which is basically just as bad with Xhaka's pace.

    He can squeeze up without getting that tight to him. It's common sense to stay a yard goalside and push up if they play it short. When an experienced, slow player doesn't recognise that alarm bells start ringing. That's normally a mistake athletic, reactive players make because they know they've got the recovery speed to fall back on.
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  2. Makingtrax

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    Perfect summing up. Partey was 10-15m from Tielemans when he received the ball in the Leicester half. No way Partey should get the blame for this. And it's only his 2nd game for us.

    Under was deep in our half and should have been picked up. Xhaka wasn't quite close enough and was done for pace. It's that simple.

    Gabriel was left to cope with Vardy and Under with no help from Xhaka or Mustafi.

    People blaming the new guys are the agenda merchants because we've watched this stuff from Xhaka and particularly Mustafi over and over.
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  3. Macho

    Macho Not Here For The Athletic's BS Trusted

    Yeah, what happened in that match has been happening for years. Vardy is now the highest scorer against Arsenal as an away player now, he's overtaken Kane.

    What's been the constant since Leicester and Vardy came in the Premiership all those years ago? Xhaka and Mustafi.
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  4. Rex Banter

    Rex Banter Got Swerved By Gallas Trusted

    I mean it’s tight but Gabriel is probably to blame for the goal. He decides to go out to Under but he’s too quick and gets caught in no man’s land.

    It was a snap decision and it’s harsh to say after the fact but maybe cover Vardy and let Under shoot from a tight angle like @Trilly said.

    Major problem though is we’re pressing in midfield with Partey and Ceballos I think but then the back line is still sat way too deep letting Under and Vardy have clear runs with no offside risk.

    The lack of a cohesive press killed us there, if our back line is 10-15 yards higher up the pitch that’s probably getting flagged offside as you’re not giving Under that space to run into.
  5. Makingtrax

    Makingtrax Planes, Trains & Social Media Rants

    Except you're forgetting two crucial points.

    If Gabriel hadn't left Vardy and gone over to Under he wouldn't have been that wide, he'd have cut in on goal and could have scored himself.

    Secondly, Gabriel was left with a split decision on two players to mark, and it should never have got to that in the first place

    I don't normally hit on Xhaka on this forum. He has so some good games. But he is inconsistent and his mistakes have cost us. Putting the blame on Gabriel or Partey to protect him is a joke. He should have marked Under properly.
  6. Kav

    Kav Well-Known Member

    It was a over the top ball to a runner, he had to go and try to close down the space.If he trotted back like Mustafi did then Under would have certainly scored. He also expected Mustafi to cover the space where vardy ran into but as we all know Mustafi was nowhere near. I can't fault Gabriel for doing his job.

    I fault Mustafi, Xhaka and Arteta. No way you put someone as immobile as Xhaka in that position against a runner. Your CM's should be in central midfield not playing as CB's. Thats on Arteta as he was well aware of the risk of playing his system and insisted on going ahead. The gain was possession and passing at the back, the risk is exposure and defensive frailty.
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  7. Rex Banter

    Rex Banter Got Swerved By Gallas Trusted

    Yeah that’s what I’m saying it was a split decision but it shouldn’t have come to that.

    Why is there a huge gap between the midfield press and the back line? Just think it’s harsh saying it’s player error when clearly there’s a fundamental mistake in how we approached that situation.
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  8. North5

    North5 Here since 2009. Unlike Cornavirus.

    Redundant as a starter with Partey there now.
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  9. Macho

    Macho Not Here For The Athletic's BS Trusted

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  10. Maybe

    Maybe Well-Known Member

    I struggle to understand why you blame Xhaka then, unless he insisted to play as a CB and promised he's gonna be the next John Terry?
    I understand that these things sometimes work, like for example, Mascherano played a lot of games as CB, but Xhaka is not even a good defender within midfield territory so how can Arteta trust him to play that mixed role which requires great defensive quality from a player? Xhaka taking a key role in defense to defend against counters, the same Xhaka that could never deal with fast players in midfield, completely ******** stuff

    If Vardy started the game, they would score more than 3 goals by abusing our formation, and it would be all down to Arteta.
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  11. Big Poppa

    Big Poppa Well-Known Member Trusted

    Cohesive press is key. This is a perfect illustration.

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  12. Rex Banter

    Rex Banter Got Swerved By Gallas Trusted

    Look at the back line though. Our midfield line did what Bayern are doing but for whatever reason the defenders don’t close the space in between.

    It would’ve forced Vardy and Under to check their runs and come back up the pitch rather than just letting them run free through the middle.

    I agree we need more mobility and I’d like AMN and Willock to get more chances as pressing options but we’ve got a mobile back line.

    Why the f*ck are they always so deep? Gabriel and even Mustafi look to have good enough recovery pace to play in a high line. Surely it’s not that hard a problem to fix.
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  13. Kav

    Kav Well-Known Member

    Aside from Partey there was no press as Both Xhaka and Ceballos tended to occupy the CB positions
    I fault Xhaka because he should have been pressing higher up the pitch. His positioning is detrimental to us on counters but i recognize that is because of Arteta's instructions. So I Blame arteta more.

    Its obvious though if lack pace you either play deep or stay close to your opponent. Xhaka was doing neither.
  14. MartiSaka

    MartiSaka Active Member

    This exactly. I thought that why we bought Partey, he can do what Xhaka does but far better. Far more mobile, athletic and his passing is better, IMO Xhaka passing is sometimes lauded because he is weak in most other areas.
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  15. Big Poppa

    Big Poppa Well-Known Member Trusted

    I share your frustration with the last bit. We’re way too deep... I guess we’re trying to draw teams onto us and bypass their press but the problem is we do this against teams that drop off too.
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  16. Makingtrax

    Makingtrax Planes, Trains & Social Media Rants

    Of course it's player error. They have 3 advancing players, we have 5 players defending. Ample to deal with it. There should be no problem cutting them out

    One long ball and two of their players have already run past 4 of ours in this freeze frame before the ball even lands. Why is that?

    a) our players weren't close enough to them b) they didn't react quick enough c) they were ball watching d)they couldn't run fast enough e) they didn't anticipate the threat. Perm any from those 5

    Gabriel however positions himself to deal with the threat on his own, he was right next to Vardy, but had to leave him. You and @Trilly blaming him is wrong bro. Xhaka and Mustafi were in no mans land.

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  17. Rex Banter

    Rex Banter Got Swerved By Gallas Trusted

    Lol bro did you even read my last post, that’s exactly what I was asking. :lol:

    Look at the gap between the lines ffs which your handy screenshot has shown perfectly. If there’s no risk of offside Vardy and Under are going to be able to get a run without checking or losing momentum?

    For the third post in a row I’m not blaming him? It’s the result of a disjointed press leaving massive gaps between the lines. It’s a massive tactical error to set up like that.
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  18. krengon

    krengon One Arsene Wenger Trusted

    Gabriel was wrong for leaving Vardy, you play the percentages in that situation and Leno did a great job covering the angle so it would have taken a good finish to beat him, but a pass to an unmarked Vardy was an easy goal. It's not a big mistake though as it happened so quickly and he had to make a decision in an instant..

    Goal was more about how well Leicester executed the play rather than any big individual mistakes from our side. There was a structural problem there for us though because of the gap between the lines.
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  19. Trilly

    Trilly The John Sauce Of Ilford Trusted

    You said that Under was already behind Xhaka behind the ball was played, you blatantly tried to lie despite there being clear video evidence contrary to that.

    So how am I meant to engage in a discussion with you about the player when it's clear you have an agenda?
  20. Pyres7

    Pyres7 Well-Known Member

    I already said I was wrong about that after watching it again, they were almost side by side. That's all semantics anyway, the point was that Xhaka got too tight to Under, then got caught ball watching and gave him a running start.

    Why even reply if you don't want to discuss the actual point I'm making?
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