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✍️ OFFICIAL Granit Xhaka (Out)

Will Manberg/Bergman complete the five stages of grief before the window opens?

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"15m is too little, sorry Totti".

"Ok, 14m?"

"Totti, that's not how math wor--- No, 13m is even worse, stop."

"Totti after dedicating your life to your boy-hood club...how does it feel to have Manberg joining your fandom next season?"



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That first sentence is exactly why you can't be taken seriously. LOADS of players have come from Italy and said the league in England is harder.
We all tell lies to ourselves to internally moralise the bad decisions we took in our lives. For Xhaka worshippers who have been writing poems about how their Lord will walk into big teams like Barca, Madrid and immediately them better while comparing him with Alonso and Pirlo, it must be particularly difficult to internalise the fact that only dogshit teams like Hertha and Roma come for him whenever he is on sale. The easiest lie they can tell themselves is that Serie A is a very difficult League. From Xhaka's latest interview, it sounds like he also tells himself those lies.


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I'm going to gif this thread so hard if we manage to sell him for a half decent price...

I don't particularly hate him or find him a bad player per se, but we sorely need to move on from him and his presence in the premier league. That much is clear.
I did hate him (hate in a "what an annoying footballer" sense not real life) for years, especially peaked around the swearing at the fans period of course but ironically the hate waned last season as for once I didn't feel the need to blame him personally that much :lol:


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That first sentence is exactly why you can't be taken seriously. LOADS of players have come from Italy and said the league in England is harder.
Loads of players have said defending in Italy is much better and football in Italy is more tactical, rather than the end to end stuff you get in the prem.


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Regardless of the mistakes he's made, I'm actually quite fond of the guy for some reason.

Just not a great fit for Arsenal and PL football. It's also not like he made an amazing team worse. He was surrounded by equally mediocre players. He just wasn't the guy to elevate us when we needed that.

Really hope he does well in Italy. Can see him make it at a top team over there.


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For some reason, I also thought that you are a Xhaka fan, a serious one. Maybe I have mistaken you for someone else.

I havent been watching Italian League, however I dont think that English League was internationally competitive until couple of years ago. I remember when I registered on here in 2017 people discussing how bad English teams were doing in International scene. Mostly France developed players coming to play in England etc.. Anyways, I think it is Xhaka time to go, too. I think 5 years being within a club it is enough. Time for a change and hopefully he will enjoy Italy.
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£15million plus Amadou Diawara would be perfect. He would be an excellent cover and Partner to Partey, considering we will lose Guendouzi and Torreira as well.
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