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✍️ OFFICIAL Granit Xhaka (Out)

Will Manberg/Bergman complete the five stages of grief before the window opens?

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Stan was the reason for our decline, he simply didn’t back Wenger to maintain or push for more. You can’t blame the players, it’s not the fault of Giroud that there was no other striker to take his place.

We had to sign Özil OR Higuain. Both would’ve cost 80M and won you the league definitely.

Xhaka is actually a good footballer and a strong character, he’s just maybe in the wrong league and a toxic club.

If he wasn’t an Arsenal player and we watched him in the Euros, most of this would be saying we need a leader like him.
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I don't think him to be a bad player, but his time here probably won't be remembered fondly by most. Shame it didn't pan out better, I thought he had a lot of promise when we signed him for Monchengladbach but he just never adjusted to the pace of the English league imo. Think he could thrive in Serie A where he might be afforded more time on the ball though.


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Mine would have to be this season against Burnley. When he runs towards Leno demanding the ball only to send it via Chris Wood into our goal. It’s so comical even though when it happened I was close to a brain hemorrhage…
I don't know if it's recency bias but I do think that's the worst goal we ever conceded. I really can't believe how stupid it was.
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