Granit Xhaka (Out)


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Arteta and Edu are really fking for years to come...

Even if Arteta is fired now we have to watch Xhaka play until he's 33 y.o.

These clowns might extend Elneny and Bellerin before getting fired.

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Whether you agree with the rules or not it shows a lack of professionalism to break them. I don't agree with a few things in my job but I suck it up like a grown up and tow the line.
The psychological side of doing something which disrupts the team and potentially causes a squad outbreak (and for it to be all over the press), only for you to do the exact same thing again, is quite telling imo.


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Are we comparing the two? Mckennie isn’t the only CM in the world.
I'm not comparing them. Every player has let their team down in some way. Some more than others. We used to hear stories about Aubameyang being a disruptive force at Dortmund. That was one of the big reasons people were using to not want him here. Now he's just about the nicest guy in the squad.

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