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Granit Xhaka: Return Of The Xhak


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This is the thing, NO player currently at the club can rag us publicly unless they’re willing to put themselves in the fire too. This isn’t necessarily about Xhaka. None of the cockroaches can speak like that.


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I really don’t care what Xhaka says, Xhaka lecturing people on poise, focus, and decision making is like Wilt Chamberlain advocating for abstinence from pre-marital sex. I actually don’t blame him anymore, he tries; he just is a deeply limited player that is obvious to anyone watching with their eyes and not heart. At this point Arteta and Edu bear responsibility of why we have the worst CM of any top ten team after 280 million pounds of spending later.


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He did interview after the game question the performance of the squad and told them they had no balls today.

Saw the interview. Seems he was answering a hypothetical question. Didn’t read that as him calling out anyone.

They interview the guy right after a critical loss because they know they can get some sound bite to use as click bait. Dude said nothing wrong.


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He was right about what he said but anyone who can't see why him being the one to say it given how many boneheaded moments he's had here could rub people the wrong way just isn't being honest with themselves. I remember when I was about 19, my blood sugar was a little high so they sent me to a nutritionist. I was sitting in the waiting room and a very obese woman who I assumed was the secretary called me in. It turned out she was the nutritionist and she was actually very good and gave me great information. In fact she had worked with an NFL team and was very well thought of in her profession but the message was somewhat harder to receive than if she had embodied (literally) the advice she was giving and taken it herself. That's kind of how Xhaka’s assessment felt to me yesterday.


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It strikes me the influence you can have posting on Twitter and Instagram. Reddit and forums are, sorry to say, invisible to most people. Nobody knows about the discussions going on in these places.
Still won't make a reveal but I can reveal that my Twitter has been quoted a few times on this thread.

I've been part of a special Xhaka defence group on Twitter. We have been doing unofficial PR work for him for free, and we are seeing the results we've had first hand. I can tell you for a fact that he would not have won that player of the Month award without us. We went through war to get him that award, reaching out to many popular accounts to get them on our side, making bots to vote etc. El Neny or people representing him appealed 3 seperate times to his Facebook of 5 million followers (mostly people living in Egypt) to vote for him. They even went on Egyptian national television to appeal to voters to go to Arsenal.com to vote. Granit didn't mention it once. It was so close in the end. It felt like us vs a whole country, and we won. An achievement we're very proud of.

See you later.


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Problem with what Xhaka said is that it doesn’t even scratch the surface of the reality of the situation. The fact is that it is not the players that lost the CL spot. It was a poorly managed team that lost the CL spot. Senior people in the club came out and said they were going with this exact policy as their preferred policy for recruitment and team building. There was a huge PR exercise in this exact thing. They were hailing their promotions from the academy plus purchasing of talent before it reached its prime.

So it’s a bit disingenuous to say anything about the age or experience of the squad and how that can be linked to the game plan. The make up of the squad was the club’s exact plan. Now whether Xhaka fell for the bait in the question is another thing. He knows full well the squad and the situation at the club.

Even more disingenuous when you factor in that the CL race should never have reached the NLD given the point gap. The simple fact is that these players were run into the ground by an inexperienced manager and that is why the 3 losses brought us to the NLD as a crunch match.

So saying anything that gives the Newcastle match any value is pathetic as the player obviously doesn’t understand how dire the situation has to have been for the Newcastle game to even be a decider in the CL race. And that coupled with the fact that Holding made a fool of himself for basically taking his manager’s instructions too far is a slap in the face of his team mates when Xhaka decides to tell them instructions weren’t followed. Well the manager is hardly a genius. He is plagiarising other people’s football philosophy.

My take away from the interview wasn’t any I’ll feeling towards Xhaka per se. It was more that he doesn’t actually understand the issue of why throwing your toys out of the pram at the Newcastle game stage of the season is a bit stupid and way too late. And also I can see why Arteta likes him. He is just a mouth piece for the Arteta regime. He obviously didn’t say instructions weren’t followed post NLD because that would have been a bad look for Arteta.


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People are making too big a deal out of his comments, imo.

He was just frustrated after Champions League has almost certainly slipped away...he is just speaking generally, he wasn't throwing anyone under the bus.

Granit is probably the biggest presence in our dressing room, you imagine he respects all his teammates greatly.


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Wrong as usual.

He got two red cards in 1st season: at home to Swansea and home to Burnley, we won both of those games. No points dropped.

He got the red card v. City this season and it didn't lead us to finishing outside CL because it was a "free hit" match.

And the 4th red was again against Burnley at home last season, it didn't lead out of CL by a point, because we finished 8th.
And the penalties? 🙃


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He's not the reason we finished outside top 4. He's been one of our best players this season. I've been been a critic of his but he's arguably been our midfielder this season.


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He's not the reason we finished outside top 4. He's been one of our best players this season. I've been been a critic of his but he's arguably been our midfielder this season.
On a midfield where the guy who played the best was hurt half the year and outside of him sits El Neny. Is that like being voted tallest midget? This is worst Arsenal Midfield I can remember in 25 years.


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On a midfield where the guy who played the best was hurt half the year and outside of him sits El Neny. Is that like being voted tallest midget? This is worst Arsenal Midfield I can remember in 25 years.
That doesn't make my statement any less true.


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Stop with this nonsense Xhaka been our best midfielder Ødegaard a universe more valuable as an attacking midfielder, Partey when he was fit was infinitely better than Xhaka. And don’t say he plays a different position than Ødegaard, he also plays further up than Partey

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