Granit Xhaka: Return Of The Xhak


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You right but we saw against team superior than us we simply can't dominate the midfield even with him we probably could have competed much better today because he one of players just not lose ball and he very good passer but imo won't make us avoid the lose like today game.
For sure, it was bleak whoever we fielded.


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Very easily :lol:

A lot of you will have to readjust your Partey ratings very soon if his Arsenal career carries on like this.

He literally gets mauled every time we go there.

People bring up Santi v Sp**s in that 1 game, that's Xhaka every year at Liverpool.

Wouldn't be surprised if Granit slipped Partey a lot of money, to push Lucas into him v Sp**s and break his leg on purpose...just so he misses Anfield.


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Guess you could say we'll all be Glad to see the Bach of him
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Very easily :lol:

A lot of you will have to readjust your Partey ratings very soon if his Arsenal career carries on like this.
He has been disappointing maybe with the injuries he is still adapting but he may not of been the answer we were looking for at that position again we will no much more by the end of season if we need to look for different options


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Xhaka is a player that can’t take us to the next level but is serviceable if you want to be midtable. Playing younger players at least gives you a chance to find a diamond in the rough, Xhaka is the finished article.


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The best part is that he's a proper player so when he comes back he won't need excuses about how he's rusty or was rushed.

Wish he could teach someone else on this team how to be a leader though, without him we have nothing. Flamsdale's claps and dramatic expressions are worthless and the team needs an actual strong presence to counteract Arteta's demoralizing shouts.


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Heard on a podcast (which was repeating what Auba had said during an interview) that Arteta had asked Auba if he was happy with being captain. Auba said yes he wanted to continue but suggests Arteta might also not be so sure that either Auba is a good captain or that he feels it affecting Aubas performance. Don't think he can strip it off him if we want Auba to continue playing at any sort of level


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You sure? I think I saw him criticizing Arteta, wasn't Manberg Xhaka-stan and ArtetaSexual?
I don't remember his stance on Arteta. But his last profile was mirrorstare. This one is mirrorstares. And considering the same devotion to his Lord Xhaka, I don't think it can be anyone else.

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