Granit Xhaka: Return Of The Xhak


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Heard a rumour big tits @Jury is on a dry run too.
Had Man Utd, Liverpool ht/ft and City in a mega treble. Xmas presents and drinks out, paid for. That’s what realism can do for you 🤗 I’ll be going in hard on us to win at Everton though. Make sure you’re on.


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I don’t drink liquors, you grimey mobile tax dodger.


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They say absence makes the heart grow fonder and I am seeing that with the fan base and Xhaka at the moment. Give it about 3-4 games of him playing and half of them will be back to revolting in disgust at the sight of his name on the team sheet.

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Great we play better with him despite the brain farts also Partey performance not helping much we need xhaka with him

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Also with him returning we'll be better when leading he one of mids that can hold the ball well and not give it away everytime also despite what everything think about him he bring leadership in side

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