Granit Xhaka: Swiss Army Knife or Blunt Tool?

Will Xhaka be here after the summer window?

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Blankety Blank

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Except I already explained that that's not exactly the intention in the original language. And seriously **** off, Xhaka isn't that kind of player and person. Now, more than ever.

If you want a ****ing example too just look at the Euro's after the France win. Didn't lose a single word about himself. 99% about how amazing the team is, that nobody can destroy this unity and how everybody in Switzerland can be proud of their achievement. Took time to praise the staff down to the media team as well. Edit: Come to think off it, gave his MOTM to the manager after recieving it.

Disagreements on the football pitch are normal. It happens.

If Xhaka was anything like you're constantly describing him as he would be considered a diva by the teams he was in.

He isn't. For a reason.
This 👆 Xhaka is top pro & unlike a lot of players never goes missing. In a way he takes on too much responsibility. Did his bit at full back last season when asked to play there. You can question his suitability & attributes but not his commitment.
You dont gain the respect of all your team mates & managers for no reason . Hes a bit like Jordan Henderson in that regard.

Blankety Blank

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This would be the dream scenario. Bruno comes in and starts with Partey and Xhaka on the bench. I would much rather have Xhaka on the bench than Elneny. However, the contract extension with a supposed pay rise basically eliminates the prospect of him being a bench player.
Worst still it’s another older player on high wages that could decline any minute.

Auba 250k
Laca 180k
Willian 200k
Partey 200k
Xhaka possibly on 200k
Kolasanic 100k
Cedric 90k

Almost all our highest paid players are getting paid too much for their quality, or injury prone. How are you meant to rebuild when you stockpile your squad with ageing players on physical decline. Everyone seems to know Europe has been hit by a financial crisis not seen since the aftermath of WW2 but Arteta and Edu are hellbent on wasting money. Roma turned to younger players because even they understood the change in climate. Why haven’t Arsenal?
We have now turned to younger players though.
Look at the profile of players we have signed this season. Also dont forget the new contracts recently for ESR. Tierney, Balogun etc.

Mistakes have been made by Arsène, Unai, Arteta or the people above them with signings for the last 6 or 7 years.

I think EDU has thankfully realised paying money to his mate Kia's older players is not the way forward.

Unfortunately you simply cannot fix years of mismanagement overnight.


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Wait is he getting a new contract? Come on if he doesn’t leave now he will be off to Stoke for 4m next season. If even Stoke don’t want him he can walk on a free. Don’t extend his career here beyond that he’s a painfully average player and he should leave one way or another to free up resources, not use more of them.


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My journey with the Granit Xhaka saga so far

Denial: I guess deep down I knew that transfer wasn’t going to happen. But I kept convincing myself someone would want him

Anger: FFS he just had the game of his life. Why does nobody want him? What is wrong with this chump that the whole football world knows he wants out but no one will make a fair offer for him.

Bargaining: There is still time. Maybe someone will come in for him.

Depression: I have a feeling I’m going to have to see his stupid face for another season. That makes me sad.

Acceptance: the clown Arteta opens his dumb mouth.


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The biggest problem I've had with Xhaka all along, apart from the occasional hideous mistake, is that you pretty much have to build the style of play around him, and if you do that, it's turgid, slow and dull. He and Arteta go together perfectly. The only sensible thing is to get rid of both.


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Can we just get behind the player? Looks like he will be here for the foreseeable future anyway. We can’t change the past but if we give him a role similar to how he played for Switzerland perhaps we may see the best of him. Lokonga - Xhaka looks like a nice balance.

I mean it’s a noble idea, but when he gets caught daydreaming in our half of the pitch directly leading to a goal for the 400th time or has another brain-fart of mind bending proportions its very difficult to maintain positive support.

It has to be said half of the squad seems to have these brain episodes recently, but Xhaka’s are usually of the Grand Cru Classé level.

He does some good things between these incidents no doubt.

Tom Mix

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bring Ramsey back and let this guy deputize for him.
Ramsey is on absolutely stupid money at Juventus so even if he made a "sacrifice" it would be like 200k a week.

And with his injury record which won't get better as he is now ageing you'd get Xhaka "deputising" for two-thirds of the games so lose-lose situation whether you want Xhaka in or out.


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I've got nothing against Xhaka in particular, I'm not fussed either way, as long as we don't increase his salary/wage by too much. We need him to stop giving away so many fouls though. He's a good depth player in general.

If we keep Willock aswell, we get someone like Bissouma aswell before the window closes, CM players like Partey, Lokonga, Willock, Xhaka, Torreira/El Neny, Azeez, ESR I'd say will be a solid lot for CM this year.


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Ramsey is on absolutely stupid money at Juventus so even if he made a "sacrifice" it would be like 200k a week.

And with his injury record which won't get better as he is now ageing you'd get Xhaka "deputising" for two-thirds of the games so lose-lose situation whether you want Xhaka in or out.
then he needs to deputize for Torreira.

I want to keep him away from the team, especially in home games.


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Okay if this is true why Mikel didn't convince him before the euros or at least during the late parts of last season? he spent all the euros talking and hinting he want to move and changing club and suddenly now he want to stay because Arteta have words with him?


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Keeping him for another season is fine, a new deal means we want him beyond that which is pretty bad.

Also means we can't really judge Arteta this season, needs his own players, and all that jazz.


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i don't mind him staying it's not like we forcing someone s**t to stay he still key player in our midfield and vocal in dressing room and have some of leadership that most of our team don't have but we need to bring Bruno Guimaraes to compete with him Partey Lokonga. get Elneny Torreira Willock sold then do something to improve the midfield Lokonga alone is not enough the guy only 21 years old and still developing.

offering him new contract make no sense he is 29 years old next month it won't protect any value his value won't go above 25M and will start decline when he enter 30 years old not to mention he'll earn more than 100K so basically he'll stuck here until 2024.
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